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Best homemade pasta in Philly?

I have a soul shaking hankering for some incredible pasta. Please tell me where to go.

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  1. I've never been there Michael Symon reccomends Vetri http://www.vetriristorante.com/ says it's the best pasta he's ever had, I've heard other good things about them as well. I'm definitly going to try it next time I'm up that way.
    But, as far as the best pasta, it's hard to beat making it yourself :)

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      lol i see you list Vetri as one of your top 5, so I guess you already know. :)

    2. I love the pasta at Osteria as well, but they are smaller portions.

      1. Osteria and Le Virtu are my two favorites.

        1. If you're not looking to descend into a food coma, i've always enjoyed the pastas at La Viola.
          The plates I gravitate to there are lighter than many of the other restaurants in town, but not lacking the least in flavor and some of the fairest prices in CC.

          1. Vetri's pasta is incredible, but very expensive. His two less expensive restaurants, Osteria and Amis, also have wonderful pasta.

            We love the pasta at LeVirtu, on Passyunk Ave in South Philly. We haven't been there for a while, but we always enjoyed the homemade pasta at Tre Scalini, a few doors away.

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              Osteria has spaghetti ala Chitarra (cut over strings.) It is incredible. Ristorante Panorama used to serve it. I don't know if they still do. You can get the cutters (Citarra) at Fante's.

              We bought one years ago near 9th at a little mom and pop store that sold bocce sets and stuff.

            2. Melograno. Hadn't been in awhile but just went for NYE with friends. Everyone raved over the pastas. Hosteria da Elio in Queen Village also has lots of delicious fresh pastas as specials every night. Also love LeVirtu too.

              1. Are you just interested in restaurants or "homemade" pasta to buy and take home to cook?

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                  I am interested in both. I live in Delaware and purchasing homemade pasta can be difficult. I am planning to come into Philly this weekend to peruse and would love a place to buy some good stuff.

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                    We have a local food coop called Weaver's Way that's open to the public. In the Chestnut Hill store they sell small producer, locally made pasta by a company called Cittafarina but I suspect you'll be in Center City or the Italian Market area. Talluto's on 9th makes decent pasta. If you want authentic Italian pesto to take home, go to Claudio's on 9th. Try the sun dried tomatoes they have as well.

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                      Superior pasta on Christian St at 9th has great ravioli as does the chain of P & S. If P & S make sure get at stores as fresh, in supermarkets, they freeze the cheese ravioli which kills them.

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                        I usually get my pasta at Superior but let me add the fresh ravioli (not the frozen) at Pasta by George at the RTM. Also their spaghetti, etc is OK.

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                        I don't think it's the absolute best fresh pasta, but I really like Nino's on Mifflin between 13th & 12th. It's mostly sold frozen, and is a great value at $2.50/lb for the basic shapes. They have good fresh bread, too. I think their lobster ravioli is very common at local restaurants.

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                          I have been buying from Nino's recently after having some annoying experiences at Matteo's (12th and Ritner) and so far I do like their ravioli. I just bought some gnocchi and cavatelli to try this week.

                          Do they bake the bread at Nino's? I saw the word "bakery" in the tile of their front step and was wondering if the oven was still there.

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                            Their spaghetti is really good, too, as is the rigatoni. I have had mixed experiences with the papperdelle. Haven't tried the gnocchi, let us know how it is.

                            They do bake the bread but most of their business is restaurant supply. They run out of the breads for retail pretty early.

                            I only know this stuff because I bullshitted (bullshat?) with the owner one day. I haven't been there in a while.

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                              I also highly recommend Nino's. Their ravioli is the best - very light, not watery.

                              That storefront used to be Jim's Bakery a long time ago. They had a fire at some point, closed, reopened for a little while and then closed for good. Nino then bought it to make his pasta closer to his market (which is now Matt and Mike's). Anyway, I don't know if the oven is still functioning.

                      3. If you find yourself in South Jersey, go to Severino's in Collingswood. It is available frozen at Whole Foods and many Italian delis in the Philly area but fresh, it's even better. They always have fresh pasta and fresh cheese ravioli on hand. They also have a full selection of their other raviolis frozen in the store. But if you go, ask if they are making any other ravioli that day that hasn't been frozen. I went one day they were making the lobster ravioli and it was out of this world good!

                        And if you head to Collingswood, make sure you stop at McMillan's bakery (next to Wawa) that isn't too far. Bring a cooler for your Severino's products, and you can have lunch in downtown Collingswood at one of the good restaurants there or head to Haddonfield for a delightful shopping day.

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                          I tried Severino's because of this post and it's only minutes from the train station I go to regularly.
                          I bought frozen spinach ravioli ($8.99) and boxed whole wheat pasta ($4.99). The boxed pasta was no better than the $1.49 Ronzoni brand from the grocery store. The ravioli was very good but not at that price.

                        2. Thanks so much for starting this thread! I actually came here today to start a similar thread.

                          I don't often make it in to the city, but I too have a very large hankering for homemade pastas! I don't mind traveling in the city, so I will definitely be checking out some of these places, BUT..

                          Anyone have any tips for places to try in the burbs? Maybe around 10-15 minutes in any direction from Conshohocken?

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                            The Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting has fresh pasta I believe from the aforementioned Severino's, and there's a Talluto's in Fairview Village, which pretty much fits the ten to fifteen minutes from Conshohocken.

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                              Maybe closer to 20 minutes... but Carlino's in Ardmore has great homemade pasta - fresh & frozen... lots of shapes. Second location in West Chester.

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                                from Conshohocken definitely go to the Talluto's in Norristown (Eagleville).

                              2. Thanks so much for all the amazing feedback! I will be venturing up to the city this weekend to check it all out!

                                1. in bocca: Talluto's in South Philly (also in Norristown) is pretty good but I prefer getting fresh pasta from Attilio's right in Wilmington.