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Jan 4, 2011 11:11 AM

Does Yelp carry any weight with you? [moved from San Diego board]

For a while, I have used Yelp to help me decide where to eat. I will admit, I realize many times, bad places are rated rather highly. Yelp has been good in introducing me to some hole in the wall places I've never heard of, but has often missed the mark on restaurant quality. Does it carry any weight with any of you? Aside from this website, what other sources do you use to evaluate prospective restaurants?

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  1. CH is o'course our primary site. We'll also check the restaurants section of TripAdvisor:


    (Is this message in the right place? San Diego?)

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      Yep, I am a san diego ch'er..hope this topic belongs here!

      1. re: yanks26dmb

        I saw your post on CH's opening message board. But now I think I've got it-- you're asking about Yelp in relation to San Diego. Got it. Sorry for the confusion.


      2. re: FishTales

        Trip advisor? Here's the site's top 10 for San Diego:

        1. Trellises Garden Grille
        2. Sushi Ota
        3. Phil's BBQ
        4. Kono's Cafe
        5. Muzita Abyssinian Bistro
        6. Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop
        7. Extraordinary Desserts
        8. The Cheesecake Factory
        9. Richard Walker's Pancake House
        10. The Oceanaire Seafood Room

        Definitely eclectic.

        I do have to admit that after 15 years in SD, I've never heard of Trellises Garden Grille. (Just checked on Yelp. Trellises Garden Grille has only one review, three stars.)

        San DIego, CA, San DIego, CA

        Extraordinary Desserts
        2929 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

        Phil's BBQ
        3750 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

        Muzita Abyssinian Bistro
        4651 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116

        Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop
        1810 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103

        Sushi Ota
        4529 Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

        Richard Walker's Pancake House
        550 Front St, San Diego, CA 92101

        The Cheesecake Factory
        7067 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92108

        1. re: notjustastomach

          If I'm not mistaken, Trellises is one of the restaurants in the Town & Country "resort" - a bizarro 1950s cluster of motels and soviet-style highrises with its own convention center. Food is good enough, service is great, prices are what you'd expect - ridiculous - because everyone is basically held hostage.

          The DC tripadvisor list is actually pretty good, but the whole system is flawed because it is based on whatever 2-3 restaurants a guest happened to hit while here. For nearby Bethesda, the list leans to chains and places locals never go and seems to have a large number of restaurants that have been out of business for a couple of years.

          When in DC, use CH or, particularly the latter if you want to know where the locals are eating at the moment.

      3. Good questions. I was just thinking about going to Charisma Cucina Italiana for lunch, and since there's no discussion of it on Chowhound, I naturally looked over to Yelp instead.

        Urbanspoon and iFood are two apps I use on my iPhone.

        Urbanspoon is a rating site, like Yelp, focused on user reviews.
        iFood has reviews, but focuses on photos of dishes taken by diners.

        1. I don't think it is important where you get information (CH, yelp, blogs) but that you get to "know" the source of information through many posts. Taste is so subjective that you never should trust only one yelper, blogger CH but collect information from multiple places to get a feel for a restaurant and Yelp can be source for such information as much as CH or a blog

          1. As far as San Diego, it seems like Yelp has far more bogus/shill type reviews..Chow is pretty good at getting them removed quickly.

            1. To me, Yelp is more of a social board and not all that interested in food. One look at the board in my region confirms that it's overrun with Olive Garden and Cheesecake Factory reviews.