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My 6 month old ceramic pans are starting to stick

PaulSmith Jan 4, 2011 10:46 AM

I bought a set of Ceramic pans about 6 months ago and they have been great up until a week ago. The pan I use the most is starting to lose it's non-stick effectiveness. Food is starting to stick to it now. Is there a life span on Ceramic pans?

  1. Chemicalkinetics Jan 4, 2011 10:55 AM

    What is the brand? You will notice that your experience is shared by many who bought the Greenpan and GreenGourmet from Amazon. Many ceramic cookware actually have shorter lifespan than Teflon pans:

    '... The EarthPan is a fantastic product, ranked number one, she says, but like many green pieces of cookware it doesn’t hold up to the durability of Meyer’s popular Circulon line of non-stick pans. “The best green product is not going to be up to the performance of our higher-end non-stick cookware.” Consumers must have realistic expectations, advises Beck. ...'


    So even though EarthPan earns a top ranking from Consumer Reports for preformance and for durability, its manufacturer does not believe it is as durable as its Teflon/PTFE counterpart.

    1. Politeness Jan 4, 2011 03:14 PM

      PaulSmith, here is something that caught my eye in regard to a very different pan than the one you are inquiring about. I pass along the link because you may find it of some use.

      "Best results are achieved by using a small amount of grease when using a pan with ceramic coating. A mixture of butter and sunflower oil has proved the best." http://www.yliving.com/iittala-tools-...

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