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"The One That Got Away" fish'n'chips...any thoughts?

Spied this on route to MEC. Anyone been?

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  1. good fish choices. nice light crispy batter. hand cut fries and tasty chowder. totally worth a visit.

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      Where is it? near Mountain Co-op?

    2. I have personally never tried it, however this come out in BlogTO today and "The One That Got Away" is number 2:


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        Some good calls on that list.

        I will say that calling BP "Gourmet" is just wrong. They're trying to get away from that scene.


        1. re: Davwud

          I agree. It's a "designed" space but the food is not gourmet. I went the week they opened and thought it was really good.

          It's right near Craft Burger and Reggie's on King.

          Big Smoke Burger
          573 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M1, CA

          1. re: Manybears

            As I've said, BP is burger 101. Not burger 305.

            Anyway, getting back to the main objective of this thread, I'll certainly have to give this place a try.
            Can anyone compare to Penrose on Mt. P??


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              I lived up that way for a decade and Penrose had always topped my list for fish & chips. I've moved down to King St W five years ago and have been hunting around for good fish & chips. Tried a variety of them and thought the place in Kensington a few years ago was decent. The place on King is pretty good, we went for dinner. Light batter, not too much of it. No complaints on the fries. The chowder was tasty too.

              The girlfriend a couple of weeks ago shared the platter with a friend at lunch and liked everything there though strangely enough the fish was the weakest of the dish but not bad. The scallops were perfectly done.

              Anyways, we'll be repeat customers when the fish & chips urge strikes. We've been waiting a while for something close to Penrose and we think we've finally found it.

      2. I tried this place out a few weeks back. Growing up in England, getting Fish & Chips from the van that came around my village every Friday evening was a big thing, and as this place is just down the street from where I live now, I gave it a go. I had the Haddock & Chips ($7.99) and it was delicious. Will visit again soon, and strongly recommend. To Teep: it's at King and Portland.

        1. I had the Seafood Chowder yesterday, and the Manhattan Chowder a few weeks ago - both delicious and full of seafood. Also tried the fries with a spicey mayo - delish.

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            I had the arctic char sandwich about a week ago, wasn't too impressed. Nothing wrong with it, but I was hoping for something along the lines of The Fish Store and what I got just seemed ok.

            The Fish Store
            657 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B7, CA

          2. dropped in last night, a couple was chatting with the owner the entire time so i didn't really get in any questions. it's practically a mirror image of craft but fish instead of burgers, handy that it's right beside.

            do like that they have sustainable options, will have to find out next time where they're getting it from. had the pickerel f&c... pickerel was nice flakey and moist... could have used more salt to ramp up flavour. batter was fine, on the thinner side, and relatively crunchy. fries were good but cooled down rather quick... likely cooked in advance and sitting in fryer basket for service. am a fan of their tartar sauce. it's got rough chopped crunchy dills with lots of pickle juice and so a bit thinner than most. perfect for me. nice tang, a little creamy, but not overwhelming.

            would like to try their sandwiches, salads, and seafood bowl at some point. i can see that if you wanted a fish store style sandwich that this place might disappoint.... everything is very simplistic in flavour it seemed. MUCH prefer it over chippy's and i definitely feel like i'm getting more bang for buck in comparison as well.

            also en route to MEC now is m brgr from mtl.... i think they now have the most expensive burger in the city drowned in many expensive toppings.

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            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              The owner told me his get his fish from All Seas. Pretty common supplier.

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                sustainable means f' all. IMO
                I"ve had the food there and wasn't all that impressed.

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                  how so? is there a loop in the definition of sustainable?

                  1. re: shekamoo

                    well what is sustainable? farm raised is sustainable, correct?
                    which has much less nutrition and alot of added chemicals/feed.
                    I'd rather have wild caught sustainable fish.

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                        so you make that choice, but at least they're offering other species of fish that many others do not at all. i'd prefer line caught myself.

              2. Lazar,

                I live just up the street from it. The Artic Char is a definite buy. I've also had the Shrimp and shared the halibut. Penrose is still phenomenal, so is the stand inside the St. Lawrence (my personal favourite) - but if you get a hankering, I'd say you can't go wrong.

                1. had the halibut sandwich...WOW...fish was grilled perfectly and the bun is to die for. It
                  had a great sauce that really added to the taste. I also gotta mention the fries were amazing, one problem is that they didnt have coke just pepsi...lol
                  I live 2 blocks away and would definetly be back at least twice a week, only because i can get the fish grilled or fried.

                  1. Fabfind has a deal today:

                    $10 for $20 worth of food


                    1. I went on the weekend...I really wanted to like it (it's in the neighbourhood and I can get fish & chips while my gf gets a grilled fish sandwich) but I wasn't a big fan. My fish (pickerel, since they were out of halibut) was okay and the batter was crisp and not too thick, but as I ate more of it I started thinking that neither the fish nor the batter really had all that much taste. The fries were good.

                      My girlfriend got the grilled arctic char sandwich and didn't like it at all...she thought that the fish was dry and not particularly tasty (I didn't think it was as bad as she did when I had a bite, but I definitely agree that it's not as good as the sandwiches at the fish store on college). Anyway I'll probably go back again to try their halibut and to give another grilled fish a chance, but it'll have to be a significant improvement for me to become a regular.

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                      1. re: Strongbad789

                        i think they need to use more salt in their batter and with the fish.

                        as for the sandwich... less of the salad they put in there and more sauce would be lovely. plus thicker fillets. the hefty, but fantastic bun, with all the other stuff in there really takes away from the fish. my fish wasn't dry though.

                        1. re: pinstripeprincess

                          I've had the sandwich twice, once with halibut and another time with barramundi and both times there was a surprisingly generous portion of fish that was not overcooked at all.
                          I'm not a fan or tartar but I do very much like the salad fillings and bun.

                          The chips are good but terrible cold. I'd like to try the battered fish.

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                            Hmm PSP maybe they read this board and listened to your advice, coz I fould the halibut a touch too salty!

                            1. re: Teep

                              interesting! I'm also one of those people who tends to be more salt sensitive.

                              actually my most recent visit was near perfect. the fish and batter tasted great, good moisture, good crispness at the edges but unfortunately it got a touch soggy through the centre just for my piece. the fries were in top form and even browned and crisp a little more. the tartar had a good hit of dill and big chunks but was too think for my liking... more pickle juice! coleslaw also seemed less greasy... less dressing so it was great. one thing that i really appreciated is that the fillet pieces were larger and so i got a great serving of fish and was really struggling to eat half the fries because i was that full.

                              the rest of my group was pretty happy and impressed. no issues at all from what they were saying. they could probably lessen the serving of chips though, i really felt bad for wasting so many and i really enjoy them. there were definitely a bunch left on most trays.

                              so here are my minor issues now that i think they're doing a really fab job food wise and will be a regular easily.... would love it if they had pitchers of water and glasses. maybe you're doing sustainable (let's not get into a debate on that) fish, but how do you go about reinforcing that by selling bottled water?? additionally, it's a casual place and so few seats, i kind of wish they had a tray/cutlery return area by the recycling and trash bins because i really do not know what to do with all the stuff and i debate just bringing it all to the back counter when i'm done.

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                                Maybe next time I'll ask for just a half order of fries. Or get salad instead!

                        2. Went yesterday afternoon to use the FabFind coupon. Both of us got the fish basket (neither of us wanted to share...haha). We polished everything off our plates, but it is definitely share-able. For the quality and amount of food, I'd have no problem paying the regular price of $15.99.

                          The haddock had a light, crispy batter and the fish was moist. The generous portion of calamari had a more substantial herbed breading and were very tender. Shrimp and scallops were perfectly cooked and substantial in size - both had a light bread crumb coating. Definitely liked how everything had a different type of breading/coating.

                          Loved the tartar sauce and the chunks of pickle. The slaw was ok - it's the vinegar-y type, which I prefer. While tasty, it was a little too oily for me (my dining partner, however, loved it).

                          Great service, too. We sat at the counter for some people watching and noticed lots of people stopping to gawk at our food. Will be back to try the halibut.

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                            also found the coleslaw too oily, but other than that, i loooove their coleslaw. full of flavour, with a nice punch but also a little creamy. i haven't had a coleslaw like theirs anywhere else.

                          2. Interesting fact (to me at least!), I was reading an article in Toronto Life about the King Street night life and they mentioned that "Uniq Lifestyles" owns Cheval, 1812, Cobra, Brant House, Jacob and CO, and The One That Got Away.

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                              Hmmm maybe there is a partnership b/c the first time I went in the guy there introduced himself as the owner. Maybe Uniq Lifestyles is like Ink in that they invest in partnerships with resto's to up their brand. However, if that's the case, this is an odd partnership considering the other venues they own.

                            2. I got a chance to go today and shared a "fish basket". Definitely enough there to share a portion. I enjoyed everything, I will definitely be back. The thing is the place on a Sunday afternoon wasn't busy at all.. Maybe the timing when we went (around 4:30pm). Hopefully they keep busy and will be around for a while!

                              1. K, they have legit fish tacos, I was skeptical, but ultimately impressed. Light crispy battered fish, shredded iceberg, pico de gallo, lime, cilantro and crema on a warm corn tortilla that didn't break apart! IMO should have had a chipotle mayo, that would have made it over the top but for Toronto, it's a great fish taco, 3 for $10.

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                                  Yes they are great!!! Thumbs down on the mayo though! I like that there is finally a place that doesn't rely on squirting a bunch of spicy mayo and guac to make it moist and tasty.

                                  1. re: justsayn

                                    I hear ya, but think about it this way, tartar sauce compliments battered fish 100%. At Big Star in Chicago they have an amazing fish taco, they have a chipotle mayo they drizzle over top, spicy and creamy, really elevates a fish taco for me.

                                    1. re: Bobby Wham

                                      And I agree with you....problem is how many restos use that as a cop out flavour/juice enhancer!

                                  2. re: Bobby Wham

                                    there's a chipotle hot sauce and i use that. that being said i'd like it if it came with their mango salsa and more seasoning. i noticed the last time i was there the fry portion went down for the f&c which isn't a problem except that i was stealing bites from my dining partner based on there being an abundance of fries.

                                    1. re: pinstripeprincess

                                      Yes I always felt they were overly generous with the fries.

                                  3. I tried the new(ish) outpost of this place on Bloor St. West for lunch today. The fries have not held up well to being transported home, which is not something I blame the restaurant for at all, but the fish was pretty good, not overcooked and not overbreaded, and the tartar sauce is excellent.

                                    I'm thinking I'll try to get there on a Wednesday for lobster rolls sometime soonish.