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Where to have dinner on Friday night?

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Starting to think about the weekend and was wondering if CHers have any ideas for dinner on Friday. Thinking Asian, like spicy, live in Minneapolis. TIA!

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  1. I'll throw out Peninusla Malaysian (2600 Nicollet) ... A few excellent items that I've enjoyed. Penang Rojak - app with mango - pineapple - cucumber - jicama w/ a very spicy and sweet shrimp sauce
    Beef brisket hot pot - perfect for a cold Mn winter night
    Ribs - in red bead curd sauce

    1. On's Thai Kitchen at Uni / Snelling. Moved into Cafe Bonxai's spot, has the same phone number. I had the "Spicy Noodles" a week ago, and they delivered. Most entree's under $10. On apparently used to be the chef in the Bangkok Thai Deli.

      Snelling Cafe
      638 Snelling Ave N, Saint Paul, MN 55104

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        This looks very promising! Thanks to both for ideas.

      2. I second the idea of On's Thai Kitchen on University near Snelling. Fabulous food, and close to Minneapolis. Take a ride to the east side of the river. This place is amazing, spicy, cheap, and knock your socks off good. Went there last night and was amazed!