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Jan 4, 2011 06:18 AM

Dumb question - lemon curd and canning jars

Hi, all you helpful CHers. This is probably a dumb question. I am planning to make some lemon curd. Most of the recipes say that it freezes well. I had been planning to can it but I don't want to use bottled lemon juice (I have some amazing Meyer lemons to use); so I'll just freeze it instead.

So here's the dumb question part ... Can I freeze it in the canning jars? Are those jars okay to use for the freezer?

Thanks much!

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  1. Yes, canning jars are fine in the freezer - I have a bunch of them in my freezer as I type. Don't forget to still leave some head space, because the curd may expand a bit due to the water content.

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      Thanks for the quick reply and also for the helpful info re: head space. I probably would have messed that up!

      1. re: LNG212

        Yeah, in general, things contract when they get cold/freeze, but water is an interesting/odd exception - it does contract until it nears its freezing point but then "poof" - it expands.

    2. You can use the jars and I have used them. I stopped because they were a PITA in the freezer. They don't stack well (especially the little 4 oz ones), they tend to fall over and roll when pulling something else out (even off a different shelf), and then they break when they hit the floor. I much prefer using the square/rectangular/reusable/disposable plastic containers for freezing because their shape and stackability are a more efficient use of freezer space and they don't break when they hit the ground (although they may crack) so you don't lose food, and they are cheaper than losing canning jars. Just don't get the Glad brand. They have a raised disk thingy in their lids that doesn't allow them to be stacked. Head space rules still apply.

      1. !

        This is brilliant! I love the idea of freezing lemon curd! I'd never heard of that. Thank you so much for the idea.

        (So glad you are not using bottled lemon juice.)

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          Yeah, the "safe for canning" recipes call for bottled lemon juice to ensure proper acidity. But that seems to me to miss the whole point of having some lovely fresh lemons (in this case Meyer lemons). But most of the recipes I've seen do say that lemon curd freezes well. So that's where I'm heading. Glad that's helpful info for you too!

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            I always freeze it--and I can never tell the difference.

        2. oh wow - thank you sooo much for asking this question --- I just made a big party this past weekend - and one of my desserts - mini lemon curd tartlets never got made - I made the lemon curd - and have two containers in the fridge - and also made the shortbread dough - but ran out of time to finish forming the tartlets. I froze the dough as I think that can freeze nicely - but have been feeling badly about the delicious curd --- which of course wouldn't go to waste - just to my waist! --- so I am going to pop the containers in the freezer. THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU!!

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            Mini lemon curd tartlets sound great. So glad your lemon curd won't go to waste. Or waist - well, maybe slowly! :)

          2. I have a lemon curd freezing tip, based on experience. I made a batch and, noting its texture and ingredients resembled that of sorbet and ice creams decided to give it a try and freeze in a litre-sized ice cream container. It worked well. I simply scooped out what I needed with (yep!) an ice cream scoop. Allowed to thaw slightly, I can then use it in tarts, as a cake-layer or on ice cream. I am going to do lime-curd the same way in future.

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              I love that! One container instead of many. So putting that to use!