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Jan 4, 2011 06:12 AM

Need recommendations for inexpensive restaurants near Center City that can accomodate a group

I'm looking for recommendations for places to go with a group of up to 15 people. The criteria:It has to be within about four blocks of the Broad St. line or the Regional Rail stations. In addition, it must be reasonably quiet on a Wednesday night (quiet enough for adults to converse without having to say "what?" every two minutes), the top entree price shouldn't exceed $18/person, beer and wine should be available, and there should be at least something vegan on the menu. Any ideas?

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  1. Perhaps Good Dog (15th between Locust and Walnut), would give you some space on the second or third floor?

    1. I would recommend Rangoon in Chinatown (112 N. 9th St.):

      Don't mind the circa 1992 website -- the food is delicious, very reasonable, and I helped plan a large group dinner there while conferencing in Philly a little while back.

      1. I would recommend Wok if you're in the mood for Chinese.
        I also had a group meet (at lunch) at Good Dog, and it worked out well. They have a nice beer selection and their fries are the best! (they are a mix of regular and sweet potato, and I can't get enough). The music is much lower upstairs. But this is more of a bar than a restaurant.