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Jan 4, 2011 05:42 AM

New Indian Restaurant in Lexington Center

It's called Royal Indian Bistro and it's on Merriam Street. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. This is a wonderful place - run by two brothers who are dedicated to making it a fine dinning experience. Food was well prepared, well seasoned to your request, and they were very accommodating.

    Highly recommend.

    1. Yes, we went on opening night, and were the only ones there at the time. (Another party came in as we were leaving.) The food was quite good, and the staff were very friendly and solicitous of feedback. They didn't have their liquor license yet when we were there, but I believe they're at least getting beer and wine soon. A great addition to downtown Lex!

      1. Had a pretty ordinary lunch here. Started with fish pakoras. I was alarmed that they emerged from the kitchen in under a minute from the time I ordered them. My panic must have been visible because they went to some lengths to assure me that the kitchen had just been frying up a batch when I ordered. Mine were certainly fresh, if greasy, but the question still lingers: why were they frying them before an order was placed? There were people at only two other tables and neither got these pakoras when I got mine.

        I followed with a masala dosa. The crepe was overly thick and limp, and underly fermented. The filling and accompanying sambhar were both bland. The coconut chutney was oddly minty. Nothing was really bad, but nothing was particularly good.

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          We've now been to RIB about a dozen times and I have never had a bad meal. We haven't had the dosa so I can't comment, but the basil naan and coconut chicken are out of this world. I had a really nice Pimms cup there a few weeks ago, too. Hmmm...maybe that's what's for dinner tonight...

        2. I went here a couple of times for lunch after they opened and they were OK but the place dropped off my food radar but I decided to visit them again for lunch. I had the Keema Curry from the lunch specials menu. Ground lamb cooked with peas, tomatoes and onions. I ordered it a little spicier than medium and the spiciness was spot on. Kudos to them for getting it right. The service was very attentive and the interior is nice and spotless. Lunch comes with a couple of papads and condiments. At lunch today they were really busy and that's nice to see.