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Jan 4, 2011 02:37 AM

Berlin: HELP!!!

Hello everyone,

I need your precious help!

I am looking for a few restaurants in Berlin..contemporary / cool restaurants with private rooms that can take anything from 8 to 40 people and also just nice ones in the city centre you would recommend to high-level business people who want a relaxed nice dinner in a contemporary atmosphere... Modern European food would be great, but open to suggestions! Nothing too stuffy or old-style though...
Thanks a lot!!!

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  1. Try Milagro - here's a page with a review:

    There is also a wine bar on Potsdammer Platz that could accommodate probably 40 people. The food is great. It's right across from the Ritz-Carlton in the Sony Center complex. The facade is from the old Great Tea Room. Lots of ambiance. It's called the Kaisersaal ( Cafe Josty, on the Platz as well, is good and at a lower price point. Not sure if they have a private room, though.

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