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Jan 3, 2011 07:21 PM

Kefir grains?

I've been enjoying some store bought Kefir, but am interested in rolling my own. Anyone in/around Boston have any spare Kefir grains or know where to get them? Success stories or suggestions anyone?
Brian (living in JP)

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    1. re: fishmanator

      Thanks for the link! That's a huge list, but only 3 folks in MA that I saw (Boston, Watertown, Westborough). I'll see if any of 'em come through.

    2. I mentioned this in a recent thread, but whatever you got at the store is almost certainly liquid yogurt (bacterial culture), not actually kefir (bacteria/yeast coculture). I haven't been able to find anywhere around here to buy actual kefir. If anyone knows they should post about it.

      1. I have very healthy and fast growing kefir grains and always have enough to share.
        I am on the North Shore (Newburyport area)

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        1. re: Kefirgirl

          Hi Kefirgirl. I'm on the North Shore and would love to try making my own kefir, if you have enough grains to share. I don't see contact info for you in your profile; how could I get in touch and find a convenient time to come by?

          1. re: fesenjan

            Hi fesenjan I am new here. Trying to figure out the site. I will be happy to share with you. Just tell me how to find your profile and I will be in touch

          2. re: Kefirgirl

            Hi Kefirgirl,
            I am also in the Newburyport area and am looking to buy some kefir grains locally. If you still have some available please contact me.
            Thanks! :)

            1. re: katekefir

              Hi Kate,
              Let me know how to get in touch with you. I have grains to share.
              the grains are free.

              1. re: Kefirgirl

                Great! You can send me a message at kdionne10 at yahoo . com.

                1. re: katekefir

                  Hi Kefirgirl and katekefir. Do you still have some kefir grains to share? I live in Boston, but commute through Newburyport and can come pick them up. If you can share, please let me know " dollani at "

                  I had ordered some before, dehydrated, from an online store, and they never grew and recently went bad.

                  1. re: katekefir

                    Is this the same as "Japanese water crystals"?

                    1. re: Guido

                      Not the same, but they both go through a fermentation process and they both provide healthy nutrients.

                  2. re: Kefirgirl

                    Hi Kefirgirl,

                    I would like some Kefir grains as well, if that's possible. My email address is I would love to hear from you, and thank you for your generosity in supplying these grains.

                    1. re: Kefirgirl

                      hi there.can you share with me some kefir grains if you have pls?my email is

                2. I have a great batch of kefir grains, ready to divide. West Roxbury. Bring a jar and come pick up.

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                  1. re: davidlkline

                    Hi David,

                    Would you mind emailing me a contact address where I can pick them up? Thanks!

                    1. re: davidlkline

                      Hey David -- very interested in picking up the grains, happy to come get them. Where in W. Rox are you located?

                      1. re: joneswak

                        contact me and I'll give you details

                      2. re: davidlkline

                        Hi! I am visiting family in West Rox for Thanksgiving weekend 2012. Might you have milk kefir grains to share? Thanks!

                        1. re: Nancyjmp

                          I have moved to Brooklyn. Kefir seeds in deep freeze. Try contacting people in this thread to whom I have given seeds. They may be ready to divide and share. Also, try Freecycle.

                      3. I can also share some. Live in Belmont, will be moving to Waltham soon after new year. Please write to gkhatutsky to yahoo emal if you want some.

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                        1. re: galka


                          I am interested in kefir grain, I am in Needham but do visit waltham every 2 weeks or so, do you have extra you can share.. I work at fenway let me know if you can and best way to get it or if you can tell me place where I can get these.