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Jan 3, 2011 06:17 PM

Has anyone tried dictating recipes with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

I got "Dragon Naturally Speaking" software for Christmas. I have started dictating my recipes from books into Microsoft Word. There have been a few problems but, all in all, it is working better than typing.

Has anyone else tried this? I'm just not a fast typist.

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  1. I type at 100+ words per minute, and Dragon misinterprets my (beautiful, flawless) voice 100 times per minute, so it's not worth it for me. I've got the computer program at work (it came installed!) and the app on my iPhone (to show people I work with) and oddly I find the app significantly more accurate (despite not being "calibrated" like the computer software). I would think scanning the recipes in Rich Text format would probably be the fastest option.

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      What is Rich Text Format? Is it a special format?

    2. I suspect I will be happier with a hand wand scanner. Regular flat scanners don't make it with books and I haven't wanted to make the contraption with the frame and 2 digital cameras. Besides, I don't want the pictures or the ads.

      But until I get the scanner, Dragon Naturally speaking will have to suffice. It certainly misinterprets my not so beautiful and perfect voice but it mostly gets it right. It is better than trying to type it in at 20 - 25 words per minute. I'm just not very good at typing.

      They just recently took my thumbs off my wrist and turned it around and put it down closer to my fingers, though. So in the future, I may be able to type faster.