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A Slice of NY - Now Open 2nd location in Sunnyvale

Just read A Slice of NY now has a 2nd location in Sunnyvale - closer to me. I'll have to wait a bit to try it, hope hounds try it before me.

A Slice of New York
1253 W El Camino Real (In BevMo Plaza, bet. Bernardo and highway 85.)
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(650) 938-6969
Twitter: @ASliceofNewYork

Tue-Thu 11 am - 9 pm
Fri-Sat 11 am - 10 pm
Sun 1 pm - 9 pm

Someone's blog post w/ pics:

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  1. Thanks! It was looking pretty done when I went by today but of course they're closed on Mondays. I hope to try it out tomorrow.


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      It's so great to go here and have a nice comfortable space to eat in, rather than the super-cramped quarters of the original San Jose location!

      My slices today were better than the ones I've had in San Jose. It seemed cooked just a little longer so the crust had just that extra bit of crispness that it needed. We are talking a slice of New York here, not a slice of Naples.

      So far this is far and away the best pizza in Mountain View to my taste. We'll see what Napoletana has to offer when it opens - hopefully equally good in a different style!


      A Slice of New York
      1253 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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        Finally got to try the 1st location last year based on an old review of yours & we loved it. Similar to Speederia in San Carlos but not as thin. Looking forward to trying the bigger, closer location!

    2. From Twitter: Well kept secret: A Slice of New York sells dough balls Sm-$2, Lg-$3. Ask how to make sub sandwich bread!

      1. is this the pizza joint that has a location near Los Angeles, in Orange County, Seal Beach???


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          No, there are just two location - San Jose and Sunnyvale.

          1. Ask the guy making the pizzas if he has the BBQ Chicken pizza?
            It's not on the menu (yet) but if enough people try it and like it, that could change.

            1. I went to the 2nd location of A Slice of NY since it's pretty new, easy to park, & plenty of seating. It's on W. ECR in the BevMo Plaza between Bernardo & Hwy 85.

              They got pre-made slices that they just reheat or you can order a whole pie.

              I got a Slice of Margarita (not on the menu) - it's tasty enough. I liked it better than the Bensonhurst.

              Bensonhurst - got a slice, they said they could make it for us, so we had to wait a bit, but they brought it to us once it was ready.Bensonhurst was a bit soggy & chicken pieces are small & salty.

              You can get 2 slices + FREE bottomless fountain drink for Lunch Special everyday 11-2pm. They carry RC soda which I don't really like, but got the Diet RC anyways.

              We sat in the MTA dining area which is NYC Subway Transit which was nice. Lots of art in the main dining room, MTA area, & even the bathrooms.

              Separate bathrooms available in the back.

              My total 4 slices (2 of ea) + FREE drinks = $16. They are pretty big slices though. Forgot to order the Garlic Knots (6 knots $4 or 1/2 order $2), but we were pretty full with our 2 slices each. Charged it!

              Desserts - didn't try:
              Cannoli $3 - from NYC & made to order
              Tiramisu $4.25 - cup from NYC
              Drakes Cakes $2-3 ea

              Closed Mon
              11-9 Tu-Th
              11-10 F-Sat
              1-9 Sun
              Last order 30 min before closing

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                The cannoli is good but it's very sweet. Cafe Renzo in Palo Alto is still the king there in a much less sweet style.

                The meatball parm sub is still out of this world fantastic, the best I've ever had.

                The whole pizza we had was very good but the crust seemed a bit undercooked for this style. When the slices get reheated that seems to get fixed.

                They seem to be off to a great start here - it was really busy last weekend when we went for dinner.


              2. First off let me say I am NY transplant back in 1976 when I moved to Berkekly,Ca. as a kid looking for a slice when I came across Arinells up the street from where I went to school this has been my jumping off point of a slice thats was close to what I remember from growing up in he NY/NJ area. SInce then I have made my way to try anything that looks like something one might find east of Pa. Gioia's in Berkeley also makes one of the tasties slices and or pies you will find in the Bay Area. Taking a reccomedation from a coworker about a NY pizza place in San Jose I figured what the heck I got nothing else to do on my day off. I did a little leg work only to find they had a 2nd spot in Sunnyvale with the same menu and what caught my eye before I read a single review was the fact on their dessert menu they were dishing up Drakes Cakes - I thought Oh God this is to good to be true. I started to think back on snacking down on some Funny Bones wondering if they had any. I decided to invite a family member who lives what I realized was down the street ( good thing this wasnt me )- GAME OVER ya know, So I went in for my first experience to ready to be dazzled and I was. The staff was great and very accomodating to my requests even though it was lunch time on a friday. I waited for my family and decided I needed a taste of something so I started off gazing at the pre-made slices on display knowing all to well the best stuff is fresh out of the oven and the plan was to order a large cheese pie to get the basic taste of what they were dishing up there. I went for 2 slices of what they call the Tomato Pie, which is a bit different than a Plain Cheese Pizza in that the sauce and construction isnt the same. These turned out to be very tasty indeed and made me wonder bout the others I saw too but the Pie was in process and figured this wasnt going to be my only time there. When the pie came I was very impressed with its size and aroma. They asked if I wanted them to dish it out but I asked them to hold off long enough for me to snap a pic or two to tease my kids with who have also turned out to be pizza snobs like dear Old Dad, plus I wanted the pie to cool down just a touch. I hate it when you pull the first slcie out and half the cheese slides off. Wow this stuff was really good. The crust had the perfect level of chew to it. The sauce was sweet without being so heavy it over powers the cheese and in this case it was obvious they use whole milk rather than part skim or some silly combo of cheeses because of the slight oily finish which if your a napkin blotter type Stay Home will ya I dont need you standing in line holding me up to all this glory. Anyway back to the pie as this thing cools it taste even better as you can taste the saltiness of the cheese and crust YUM YUM but after 7 slices I really wanted a Drakes Cake to finish off my first trip only to be enticied by a small canoli which lite up my eyes. My first question was when was this filled, when I got what we call on the east coast " The Look " I knew it was stupid question and Natelie's response was we get the cream filling from Long Island, I told her I was just in NYC in Sept and took my gang to La Ferreras in Little Italy in Manhattan and these where amazingly good so good infact I was so stuffed I had to take 3 large canolis home with my Devil Dogs and Funny Bones in a togo box to share with my wife and daughter. I was so impressed I went back the next day for dinner with my family that lives down the street and my wife just to make sure it wasnt a fluke. Besdies another cheese pie I gave the slice of Pesto a go and again very tasty slice. Other tastes included their Garlic Knots which were also very good. Only Negative would be I didnt think much of the Meatballs themselves as I make my own and would love to sell the owner mine instead of the ones they sell -just being honest here. oh and both times I went they were out of the Gino's Italian Ices. which now casues me to go back another time DAMMITT

                A Slice of New York
                1253 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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                  One data point on the meatballs: they use the Tyson Bonici meatballs, pre-made at the factory.

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                    Thanks for the Meatball explaination hence my feelings that to much filler is used in the making of them. Go with HOMEMADE - Kurt contact me I will get you hooked up with some of my homemade to try out

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                      Thanks for the great report! Glad to hear that a NY expat is happy with them. I've had some great NY pizza experiences on my trips there but that's nothing compared to hometown comparisons.

                      What did you have the meatball in? I didn't see any mention of the meatball parm in your report. To me it's a perfect sandwich - the fresh baked bread, the lightness and complexity of the multi-meat meatball (I'm no fan of the all-beef kind in this type of sandwich), with perfect amounts of sauce and cheese. The whole thing exceeds the sum of the parts.


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                        good catch regarding my comments about the Meatball however I was a bit reluctant to say how I knew the meatball was not up to snuff for fear of getting anybody in trouble. so hear is waht I will tell you

                        during my visit one of the staff members gave me a sample and it was presented to me on a tray with foil they set it up using a garlic knot that was split open with 1 meatball sitting inside with a touch of cheese just like a meatball parm sandwhich and they gave me a small tub of red sauce on the side to dip it in. so I had a chance to taste not only the garilc knot but also the sauce and the meatball. First thing I did was to deconstruct the mini sandwhich so that I could taste as you say the parts. This is where I came to my conclusion regarding the meatball.While you may think the Meatball Parm is a great sandwhich and it very well might be it wont be something I would order now that I know what goes into the sandwhich. If your happy with it then I say enjoy enjoy enjoy. I will stick with what I make at home which is a blend of 3 meats and a variety of other ingredients and they melt in your mouth. And even better the next day. The other thing is I cook mine in the sauce rather than roast them in the oven seperatly from the sauce. Just a personal choice but one I hope to have Kurt give a try.

                2. 50% off pizza tomorrow, from their Facebook page:

                  Monday (6/27) - training day. Both SJ and Sunnyvale stores open 4:30-6:30pm. Credit/debit only (no cash). Everything will be 50% off. Limited custom orders as time allows. Thanks for supporting this learning day!

                  Original location:
                  3443 Stevens Creek Boulevard
                  San Jose, CA 95117

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                    Thanks for mentioning this. I was trying to drive through Mountain View at 5:30pm on Monday, then remembered this deal and figured that I should detour and sit out traffic with a slice of pizza.

                    Not usually open on Mondays, the grown-up at the cash register explained that this was a training day, and then showed me the pizzas. Some looked just fine and others were pretty homely. I ordered a plain cheese slice, shown here.

                    Don't know if this is representative of the usual product, but I found the crust quite bland and lacking the crisp/chewy texture of NY pie. It would have benefited from some additional olive oil spread on the rim as well, as it was quite dry and flavorless. As mentioned above, the slices are underbaked, but on reheating this one didn't get cooked enough for my taste. Here's the upskirt shot, a uniform golden brown.

                    I prefer the sauce and the crust on the NY slice at Tony's Slice House.

                    I also tried a stromboli, which features a pretty crimp and was baked a bit darker. It's served with a small cup of marinara sauce on the side, as well as having sauce inside.

                    It's not really what I consider a stromboli, which should be made with bread dough. This is basically a calzone wrapped into a different shape. Again, it suffered from a crust that had little flavor even though it was baked longer in this iteration.

                    I'd be interested in hearing from others if these are typical or the bumps in the training road.

                    Tony's Coal-Fired Pizza and Slice House
                    1556 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133

                    A Slice of New York
                    1253 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      Isn't Tony's NY slice coal-fired? That seems a different genre than the gas oven NY street slice that A Slice of New York does. Or does Tony have multiple ovens for different NY styles as well? It wouldn't surprise me if he did!

                      I think the 50% off deal may well correlate with a quality dropoff on a training day, but I think the only way to know if it matches your taste is to visit during normal hours.


                      1. re: mdg

                        Tony has a bunch of different ovens. The slices are baked in a gas oven. The coal-fired pies are limited to certain pies that are only sold whole.

                      2. re: Melanie Wong

                        It's funny you should mention A Slice of New York since we just got dinner from there (yes again!) tonight. While I haven't tried the stromboli, I was also disappointed by the garlic knots. I find that the best thing there is the cheese pizza and that deviating from that plan is futile. The owner is super nice by the way.

                        Another good pizza place to try near here is 212 Pizza in Cupertino which opened several months ago. Great crust. Errs slightly on the side of too cheesy. Fun counter staff.

                        These places aren't as good as Pie in the Sky (I just discovered it closed!) in Berkeley or Speederia in San Carlos, but for NY traditional pies, they're the best in the South Bay.

                        1. re: katya

                          Hey katya, thanks for coming out of chow retirement to comment here. Found the website for 212 NY Pizza,

                          212 NY Pizza
                          19998 Homestead Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

                        2. re: Melanie Wong

                          I agree that they skimp on the re-heat. Next time I'll order my slice extra hot.