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Jan 3, 2011 05:46 PM

New Parents, Valentines Day... Where to go?

I am drawing a blank. We frequently eat out at terrific places when my parents are in town, but this will be just us- therefor it needs to be much more reasonable but still wonderful- Where should we go?

We like/love Meritage, Brasa, Bar La Grassa, 112, WA Frost (one of our absolute favs), and Oragami.

I also like a restaurant on valentines day that is not overwhelmed with people... so i am up for something not so formal....

Edited to explain post title: We have a 7 month old at home and this will be our 3rd dinner date since he has been born! So the pressure is on to have a great night.

410 Saint Peter St, Saint Paul, MN 55102

Bar La Grassa
800 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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  1. Well, if were me I would choose Meritage .....on Tuesday, Feb 15. Trust me, you can have a much more romantic night out the day AFTER Valentines Day (or almost any other day of the year).

    Congrats on the new baby, and I know you might only have this chance to get out. If so, what about early at Solera?

    900 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403

    410 Saint Peter St, Saint Paul, MN 55102

    1. We've always found Alma to be a great choice for date night.... Especially since you mentioned Brasa as a fave (both Alex Roberts projects).

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        Plus one for Alma. They don't feel crowded even when full. The atmosphere is casual but can be intimate. And the prices are really good for that level of cuisine.

      2. I would have to agree with Lincster. I would pick the 13th or the 15th to get a romantic night that is not overwhelmed with people. It's just a really nice night out, right? As a vet of the restaurant industry- everyone and their mom goes out on the 14th. And you don't need to celebrate Valentine's with everybody's mom, right? ;)
        And then you can even celebrate at home on the 14th with a nice dinner and bottle of wine.