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Jan 3, 2011 05:36 PM

Take out lunch tips near 53rd and 3rd

Hi., my husband works on 53rd and 3rd - he is always complaining he can never really find good pizza or a good chicken parm sandwich (says it is always just chicken from a steam table dumped on a sub roll) - he is picky, basically only likes italian or deli/sandwich type places (never has eaten and not willing to try chinese,. thai, mexican, etc) and he usually just grabs his food and eats at his desk.

Would love recommendation for close by pizza, panini, chicken parm, burgers or good sandwiches - that is about all he will eat - nothing fancy but can't seem to find anything that he compare to what we can get at home in the Hudson Valley.

All suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Fresh Basil just moved from Lex & 55th to 3rd & 55th. It used to be a sit down lunch spot, but they're only doing take-out or delivery now. the food is mostly just average, but the chicken parm sandwich is better than most.

    there's also a Good Burger on Lex. & 54th. there's an Ess-a-Bagel on 3rd & 51st. they serve sandwiches, but i've never had one. supposedly pretty good.

    as for pizza, i usually go to Mariella's on 60th & Lex., but it's not great. i love their 8th Ave place, but not this one.

    1. Lenny's makes a decent chicken parm and you can ask for it with grilled chicken and fresh mozz instead of a fried cutlet and slice cheese. 2nd and 54th.
      Fresco by scotto (scotto on the go) delivers a decent grilled pizza and good salads. 52nd between park and madison.

      1. I work on 53rd and 3rd - there are a number of typical chains e.g. Pret A Manger, Hale & Hearty, if fast is important. I second the recommendations on Fresco by Scotto's and Goodburger. Toasties subs gets good reviews from my coworkers (there's a location on 52nd between Third and Lexington). There's a panini place called Piada, and a bunch of other deli-type places in the Citicorp center. Angelo's pizza is good, though I'm not sure how casual/fast it is. I'm sure I'm missing a lot, as I'm pretty much the opposite kind of eater as your husband.

        Dishes restaurant, on Park is rather pricey, but makes very good food; although they do an eclectic mix of cuisines, they do have standard Italian items and you can see what they're offering for the day on their website.

        Fresco by Scotto
        34 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022

        601 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022

        1. Cafe Daniello is my favorite by the slice pizza in the area. 2nd btw 56th and 57th.

          Haven't tried the chicken parm there, but could be worth a shot. No steam table there that I can recall.

          Cafe Daniello's
          1072 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022

          1. Good variety of fresh stuff at Cafe Europa, 53rd and Lex...