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Jan 3, 2011 05:22 PM

You rub on the magical Chowhound Lamp and....

...the Chowhound Genie appears before you and allows you to choose three foods that will magically forever have no calories (or carbs, gluten, sodium, etc., whatever you want to avoid).

Now, the Genie’s a bit of a hard-ass, and will retract the offer if you try to cheat by choosing categories rather than single foods, so no saying “meat” or “frozen desserts” or “Chinese food” or “cheese” or “cookies” – you have to say “steak” or “rocky road ice cream” or “sesame chicken” or “brie” or “chocolate-chip cookies.”

You are also not allowed to choose common ingredients which show up in many foodstuffs, such as sugar or butter or flour, unless you intend to consume them in unadulterated form – for example you could choose butter if you meant the butter you put on bread or potatoes, and not butter which has been incorporated into another food to make a separate whole, such as sauces or croissants. If you want to eat Bearnaise sauce or croissants, you have to choose that single thing.

What do you tell the Genie?

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  1. Spaghetti carbonara
    Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream
    Pulled pork sandwiches

    I'm not really happy with this list, but those were the first things that popped into my head! But how did I leave out burgers and pizza??

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    1. re: woodleyparkhound

      I want to switch out that ice cream for the best flavor I've ever had in the U.S.: Chocolate Sluggo from Toscanini's in Boston! And I'll switch the pulled pork for a Ray's Hellburger!

      Different days, different priorities...

    2. no gluten? i'm sold!

      NY pizza.
      Kossar's bialys (or hearty whole-grain bread. i'm torn).
      real soy sauce.

      1. chocolate mousse cake w/ raspberry filling
        (these are all the things I have to stop eating in the New Year)

        1. Hmmm, hard call but I'd have to say:

          1) Wonton noodle soup
          2) Hot. crispy, salty chips
          3) Burgers

          It's a hard list to compose, but if I was asked right now that's what I would ask for.

          1. Savastrano's Deep Dish Chicago Style "Hancock Building" pizza with their homemade Italian sausage
            Homemade yeast rolls