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Jan 3, 2011 04:28 PM

What to eat when you have wheat allergy?

I'm always able to find my way around problems regarding food and cooking. This is something new for me and I don't know where to turn. My son cannot eat any wheat products. This holiday was a good example, where only rum balls (almonds, chocolate and icing sugar and some rum) was all he had as sweet. There are other people with same problem, so what are they doing? Surely they are not denying themselves.

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  1. Is the allergy just wheat? Or is it to anything containing gluten?

    I ask because there's quite a body of recipes for gluten free cooking.

    1. as Yank indicated, it depends somewhat on whether your son has a specific wheat allergy or needs to avoid all gluten. but either way, there are TONS of recipes and informational resources on the web if you search, and gluten-free cooking and baking are discussed regularly here on Chowhound.

      1. just saw a rice tortilla at trader joes. they have a big variety of tortillas and more flatbreads lately.

        1. When I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy I ate a lot of gluten free products and recipes, because they are wheat free. (Thank GOODNESS I outgrew it!)
          Things are much easier now, so many more GF options
          Betty Crocker (I think) has a line of gluten free cake mixes... there are also many resources on the web, and a lot of GF cookbooks.
          I hope that your son will outgrow it as well. :)

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            My sister has celiac, and she thinks the Betty Crocker brownies are better than the fancier gluten-free brands. They have them at our regular grocery store. If you didn't tell anyone, you'd never know they were gluten-free.

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              has she compared the BC to *scratch-made* too, or just boxed mixes? i'd just be curious to hear how they measure up. the mixes contain far too much sugar for me, but it's always nice to have a review from someone that i can pass along if the topic arises.

          2. Thank you so much to all who responded. As for outgrowing his allergy I don't know, he's 32. I wish I knew if he's allergic to gluten. This is all quite new to us. I've seen products without gluten but never had a reason to try any. I know that for last 8 weeks perhaps, my son completely eliminated wheat from his diet. I want to be able to offer him food when he comes to visit and I need to learn how to get around this. We are Eastern Europeans and boy do we use wheat. I've moved away somewhat from using flour as much, still there are things I can learn.

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              "grow out of" is perhaps an inaccurate term. our body chemistry changes every 7 years (or so I'm told). my most recent food allergies came on when I was in college, and the wheat allergy abated in my late 20s.
              the thing that will help the most is to be sure to read labels, especially on your mainstream products. Products you purchase that you might not think will have wheat in them, may and if you don't check your labels he could have a reaction. I still have a dairy allergy. When I was at my mother's recently we were looking for some soup to heat for lunch. All the soups in her pantry contained some kind of dairy. She was really surprised when I told her this, she no similar food sensitivies so doesn't think to read the ingredients lists.