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Jan 3, 2011 03:45 PM

What's the most the Whole Foods hot bar can cost?

Let's say I fill up one of the bowls up to the brim with heavy foods - how much can I expect to pay?

I have a big appetite so I've stayed away from their hot foods bar because I would get carried away. It's 7.99/lb

What's the most you've seen it costing you or someone else?

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  1. This was my big 'splurge' recently.. so I can help you. Unfortunately, the price will be hefty. 2 cases to point to:

    1. I dined with a friend. We are both skinny and eat very little, but put a good amount of food in--we both had a good serving of protein, 2-3 small amounts of different potato/rice dishes, maybe 2 small amounts of different veg dishes... the boxes that are separated into 3 parts were filled but not stuffed. In total for the two: $21.... :(

    2. Then I recently went back by myself because I heard from CHs that the mac and cheese was fabulous. I put in one small scoop of mac and cheese, 4 small cubes of sweet potatoes, a scoop of tofu (like 6 cubes), and a small scoop of cabbage salad... I was really, REALLY trying to get some different flavors without it being expensive, and it was $6. (That being said it was a very small amount of food, and I ended up having some cereal after about an hour because I was hungry.)

    I kind of want more mac and cheese, but I know I cannot afford to ever go again.

    FYI--if you go, my friend loved the beef, the fish was 100% dry, all types of sweet potatoes were great, marinated mushrooms were great, and the stuffing was dry--but the first time was at 8 pm.. so go early (and spend lots of money or you will leave hungry).

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      Thank you.

      I think if I stay below $15 I wouldn't be too distraught.

    2. My trick with these kinds of buffet-style, by-weight places is to fill up the bottom half of my container with the mixed salad greens. Think of it as light weight, nutritious packing material that keeps you from overfilling your box with heavy food . . . I also end up feeling less stuffed this way, as usually my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I'd just load up on too much food anyway.

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        I do that too with the fresh watercress - mainly to get some greens in my meal, but it also prevents the heavy stuff from filling up too much space.

      2. Depending on if you want to sample a little of everything or just want one or two items... I get carried away at buffets too (they're designed for you to want to go nuts, right?), and whenever I have been crazy enough to get something from WF's hot food bar, the most I've spent on one big take-out box was $15, which gave me about two and a half dinners. I got heavy stuff though, like their General Tso's Chicken. Obviously, the salad bar and all the fresh veggies are lighter and a better value (not to mention a TON healthier!).

        It's a good thing I haven't found much at the WF hot food bar that actually tastes better than it looks!

        1. The food is very good... but it's also VERY expensive. We've only eaten there once. I got DH a big plate and myself a small one and it came to $20 between the two of us (and he was still hungry when he finished his!) Pile it on there and you could easily pay $20 for a single plate.