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Jan 3, 2011 03:30 PM

Aqui es Santa Fe: Colombian in Port Chester--still terrific!

Because I was meeting friends and my husband--who works in Rye--in the very early evening tonight, I suggested we have an early dinner in Port Chester. I'd only been to Aqui es Santa Fe, at 30 Broad (directly across the street from the train station, NYC-bound side) once, for lunch a couple years ago, but it seemed like a good choice especially since our friends had to take a train back to the city right from dinner.

Wow it was wonderful!!! We started with a tray of mixed empanadas, a dozen (4 each of beef, chicken and cheese) that came with a delicious salsa. These aren't anything like the empanadas I've had before--light tasty not greasy pastry, fluffy mashed potatoes with the filling. They were so good I ordered another dozen ($10) to take home.

We also all had fruit drinks; the Brazilians in the group had mango with water, the Americans had mango with milk and pineapple with water. Delicious and satisfying.

For dinners we had all had tilapia. Mine was served on top of sweet plantains and came with chopped fresh tomato and avocado on top, with a delicious salad of mesclun, queso blanco, cranberries and grapes.

The entire check with a generous tip (and remember, this included an extra order of empanadas to go) for five people was $100. It could easily have been less per person, but we went all out.

This place is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and the prices for earlier meals are even gentler. It's very easy to find parking in this area at any time of day.

While we were there pretty early in the evening, it still seemed too quiet. The economy and this time/weather of the year is really tough for small family-owned places. Please patronize them and help keep them in business!

Aqui es Santa Fe Cafe
32 Broad St, Port Chester, NY 10573

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  1. I really don't get out much, but I would be there in a heartbeat! It sounds good and I love ethnic food. How often do you feed a party of five now a days for about $100?

    Thanks for mentioning, maybe one of these days I'll save enough to be there (yup, wishful thinking!)

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      I should be clear, we fed the party of 5 for $90 (with generous tip). I also spent $10 on a dozen empanadas to take home. It has taken every bit of willpower I have not to eat them tonight while I was working late.

      Let me know when and I'll drive across county to meet you for lunch there. :-)

      1. re: Elisa515

        Empanadas to take home too? Sounds like a plan! I want to shed a few xmas pounds first so I can put them back on hehe.

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          Except for the empanadas, this was a very low-fat meal. Just to be clear! I want to go back to have the steak with gorgonzola and avocado, several of the chicken dishes...well, and anything else.

    2. Agreed! My husband and I love Aqui es Santa Fe and are saddened by the fact that it's often empty when we're there. We go mostly for breakfast. For about $10, you get a choice of eggs with two fillings, coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a side of arrepas (YUM), a homemade muffin or other bread product. Their fruit drinks are delicious too. And the woman who is often there serving and I presume, she is also an owner, is wonderful.

      Aqui es Santa Fe Cafe
      32 Broad St, Port Chester, NY 10573

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        Same here, hope they are doing well because it's a fantastic place. Such a warm and friendly vibe. I think I may go tonight

      2. I had been meaning to try this place for a while, and this thread prompted me to go last night. We really enjoyed it. We started out with a sampling of the empanadas-- quite light and tasty. For the entree, I had the steak with guacamole, salad and arepas with butter and cheese. Skirt steak was juicy, well cooked and well seasoned and I agree, the salad was delicious. My husband had steak also, but his was served with rice and beans, and a fried egg on top of the rice. He really liked his, too. We brought our own wine; corkage was $10.

        This place is great. It's almost like having someone cook for you in their home. And the bill before tip came to an extremely reasonable $40, which included the corkage fee. Plus, the owner is a lovely, gracious woman. We plan to go back soon and give the place a try for breakfast.

        1. We had been meaning to try this place for breakfast for a while, and finally got there today. It was great. My husband and I both had the same thing-- 2 sunny side eggs with chorizo and peppers on the side ( you get to choose between scrambled and sunny side eggs, and to pick 2 of an extensive list of toppings). It also came with a drink of your choice, and a choice of arepas, tostones, or a variety of baked goods. I asked for iced coffee, and after getting over the shock of someone asking for iced coffee on a relatively cool day, the owner whipped some up for me in a blender, with milk.

          Bill was $7.00 each. So worth it for a tasty, filling and slightly out of the ordinary breakfast..