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Jan 3, 2011 02:47 PM

1st trip to Paris, Please Help

Planning my first trip ever to Paris in April (4 nights) and 3 nights in London. Will be staying at the Renaissance Vendome. Can anyone suggest reasonably priced very good restaurants or bistrots. Also, suggestions for good places for cheese, breads (baguettes), croissants, etc. Thank you in advance.

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  1. What is for you: reasonably priced ? For cheese, baguette and croissants ask the concierge at your hotel. Your hotel is in a nice touristic area but not so much a market area. Can think of going chez Fauchon or Hediard on Place de la Madeleine...

    1. Have you searched the board? Lots and lots of recommendations for all of what you ask for. It is easier to answer specifics once you have done that.

      1. Reasonably priced is subjective, but in the spirit of helpfulness I will mention the Bistro Volnay which is within walking distance and fits my definition of a good, reasonably priced bistro.

        1. Here is a very recent post which should help you focus in on what you might want to do....