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Jan 3, 2011 02:31 PM

Any information on Burg-it that is opening up at Preston Frankford .

I saw a sign for Burg-it burgers and wings that is opening up in the Newk's space at Preston and Frankford. I was wondering if anyone had any information about it.

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  1. They opend up a few days ago. Had the Jalepona Burger with Bacon, pretty good sized burger for the price ($6), well seasoned and tasted good. Better than most burger places in the area, Fries are fresh cut with good seasoning as well. They also have wings, we tried the regular hot, your typical breadless wing with Franks hot sauce, good stuff as well.
    Worth a stop, I will be going back.

    1. It's in the neighborhood so I gave it a shot for a to-go order. I gave them one very simple instruction - NO MAYO. Since of course mayo is disgusting and makes me want to vomit.

      I drive all the way there, tip the to-go girl, get home, lift the bun and see about a half gallon of mayo all over the stupid thing.

      You better believe I drove it back, got my money back (including the tip jar change) and will never be ordering from them again.

      Newk's was actually a great restaurant and it couldn't make it in this spot. I doubt Burg-It will still be open in 2012 if they can't pay attention to what their customers ask for. It isn't freaking rocket science.

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        Gave it one more shot... order correct this time and was a tasty and large portion. Recommended although you may want to double check your order if you're doing a pick-up.

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        1. Burg-it??

          I thought it might be a wine store limited only to wines from Burgundy. Imagine my disappointment that it's only a hamburger joint.

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