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Jan 3, 2011 02:28 PM

BEST OF 2010

What were your favorite new restaurants for 2010, places which you will definitely visit again this year and which you would recommend to friends or tourists in a heartbeat?

I'll go first: I absolutely LOVED Kazu, CAVA and Tuck Shop and will make sure to drop by again whenever I have the opportunity (and $$$). Honorable mention goes to Brasserie T!, especially if you find yourself looking for a good meal in the PDA area (or whatever they call it).

What about you guys? GO! GO! GO!

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  1. Quartier General, Salle a Manger and 400 coups were my favorites this year.

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    1. re: isa1

      what did you enjoy at quartier general?

      1. re: kimberleyblue

        I went a few times already, service is great, quality price ratio amazing and it's byow. They change their menu often but my favorite dishes were the squid salad and the chorizo stuffed rabbit. The only negative would be that it's an open kitchen and the smell from all the cooking is overwhelming.

      2. re: isa1

        I love 400 coups too. The desserts of Patrice Demers are always sublime and Marc-André Jetté's food is better than when he was a chef at Laloux. The boudin and the pintade were excellent. The noise level is acceptable too.

        1. Kazu, Brasserie T, Chien Fumant, and Tuck Shop would be at the top of my list...

          1. Kazu, Antep Kebab, Iguanas Ranas

            1. all of the summer street festivals this year (st catherine and mt royal in particular) have been adorned with street food vendors - more so this year than any other year in recent memory. so big ups to that!

              Also a big welcome to ramen and dumplings. they are certainly not uncommon now.

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              1. re: celfie

                What's your favorite place for dumplings (xiao long bao) right now? Qing Hua? Maison du Nord? I also must add that the gyoza at Kazu are fabulous, definitely one of the better items on the menu (and that alone means a lot).

                1. re: certifiedfresh

                  AFAIK, Qing hua (or Maison du nord) don't have Xiao long bao. The only place that has something that resembles it is noodle factory in chinatown.

                  1. re: certifiedfresh

                    Like mak2k wrote. The places you mentioned do not serve xiao long bao. What they serve is jiaozi.

                    Noodle Factory has soup dumplings on their menu. I keep hearing about them being served during dim-sum at Kam Fung in Chinatown as well, but I've never had them.

                    Although I'm far from being an expert on these things, I believe they are Hong-Kong versions that use dumpling wrappers rather than bao dough. The only Shanghai-style xiao long bao I've seen in the city are at Fu Yuan Xiang in Verdun.

                    1. re: SnackHappy

                      My bad... I assumed soup dumplings=xiao long bao. Thanks both!

                      1. re: certifiedfresh

                        You were right about the soup dumplings. Neither Qing Hua or Maison du Nord serve soup dumplings. The jiaozi at Qing Hua are soupy, but they are not soup dumplings. The others have no soup in them whatsoever.

                        1. re: SnackHappy

                          So wait, let me get this straight: the dumplings served at Qing Hua are in fact NOT soup dumplings? Quite confusing, because many refer to them as "soup dumplings", while the Hour's food critic dubs them "jiongzi soup dumplings".

                          1. re: certifiedfresh

                            What we call soup dumplings are xiao long bao. As per the lovely folk at Qing Hua, the dumplings served there are a style of jiaozi from Dalian, China. I have no idea what "jiongzi soup dumplings" are, and web searches have turned up no reference to them save for the Hour article. Anyway, I wouldn't put much too much stock in an article written by someone who states that Liaoning is in Southern China. That particular writer has proven to be a pretty lousy fact checker.

                    2. re: certifiedfresh

                      I actually managed to get xiao long bao at Pret a Manger on Ste Catherine. I have a feeling it's not a menu item, though.

                      How were they? A little doughey. Decent amount of soup inside, but nothing special compared to Vancouver, NYC, etc.