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Jan 3, 2011 02:17 PM

Help - Mushroom soup bitter

I am making my favorite Hungarian Mushroom soup based on a recipe from the Old Wive's Tale in PDX. I always use part fresh and part dried mushrooms. I get a mix of dried from my local health food store and have never had problem. Tonight, however, the soup is really bitter, almost inedible.

Any suggestions on how to salvage a large pot of mushroom soup?

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  1. That happened to me when I used Costco's assorted dry mushrooms, which the label said were packed in America - I take that to mean NOT grown here, and THAT to mean grown in China because they would probably reveal the source if it were anywhere else. So there are endless possibilities for chemicals or metals that the mushrooms may have contained. I tried to cover up the bitterness with curry powder, sweeteners, and tomato. Nothing helped. I would ask the seller if their supplier has changed or if others have complained.

    1. Scary! If something I made often suddenly changed to "almost inedible" I would not try to disguise it or salvage it. But I think you should try to find out why this happened. The seller would probably be glad to be made aware.