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Jan 3, 2011 01:46 PM

Sangkee Noodle House (West Philly)

For anyone who is lucky enough to be near the corner of 36th and Walnut Streets in West Philly, I suggest that you stop at (or take out from) Sangkee (located in the lobby of the Sheraton. I'm not a keen fan of everything on Sangkee's menu but I do especially like their shrimp rolls, Chow Fun (with shrimp or chicken or beef) and grilled lemon grass chicken. I've tried the Big Bowl Broth Soups (meal in a bowl comprised of noodles, vegetables and meat or seafood) but found the flavor to be off-putting. The Asian rice bowls (rice, veggies, meat or seafood) provide lots of food at minimum cost compared to Chinatown. I'm suspecting that bone marrow serves as the base for those soups and that concept doesn't appeal to me. The prices at Sangkee are very reasonable, the restaurant appears to be immaculate and the hostesses and waitstaff and efficient.

Noodle House
2313 US Highway 1 Ste 4, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

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  1. yes, sang kee is a very convenient and yummy addition to the neighborhood. you tagged the wrong restaurant though....:)

    the duck udon and soft shell crab is also quite tasty, and i like most of their dumplings/dumpling-esque items. i actually like their big broth soups (the pho is terrible, no surprise there), though i have heard many people complain about them. that being said, their soups are VERY inconsistent and i have had straight up meh servings of them.