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Jan 3, 2011 01:02 PM

re: kosher Prosecco--where can you find it in the Boston area?

Hi folks, happy 2011. I am celebrating a big birthday (30!!) in about a week and a half with some friends who only drink kosher wine. I love Prosecco and was hoping to find a kosher vintage that we can enjoy with birthday cake. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, I live in Cambridge, MA, so if anyone has any advice about where I might find this Prosecco (the Butcherie?) that would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks.

p.s....and any advice on where to find delicious kosher gluten-free cake in the Boston area is also welcome. I'm a little tired of Entenmann's products, and unfortunately do not have a kosher kitchen where I can bake my own cake.

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  1. Entenmann's is not gluten-free.

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      right, I realize that, that is just my stand-by kosher dessert brand and whether they make any gluten free products or not I wouldn't mind a change.

    2. Bartenura makes a kosher Prosecco.

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        The Bartenura Prosecco is very good.

      2. Skip the Bartenura which is overly sweet and fruity and try the Borgo Reale which is much truer to the type. Not sure where to find it in Boston (I live in NYC) but its available online at

        1. First of all, happy birthday! I'm sure you can find Bartenura Prosecco. i'm sure you can find it in a liquor store near a Jewish part of town; perhaps ask your kosher friends where they shop for wine?