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Jan 3, 2011 12:47 PM

Braciole in NJ

I had the pork skin braciole at Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Ave in the Bronx the other day...that place is one of the absolute best red sauce Italian places in the U.S. Does anyone know where in NJ I can find similar?

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  1. Yeah, this has become a tough item to find in Jersey! I asked about four years ago where to find it and, if I recall correctly, I didn't get too many responses.

    Since then, I have found both Fairway in Paramus and Corrado's in Wayne to offer both excellent beef and pork braciole. I actually slightly prefer Corrado's braciole, and they charge a bit less than Fairway. (The beef one is the more expensive of the two.) I also purcahsed braciole once from Waldwick Prime Meats. (I had to order it from them.) It was also good, but not quite as good as the Fairway and Corrado's stuff and more expensive. The butcher there though was a great guy though and it's another option if that's in your area and/or you want to support a small business owner. (They also had some great ground pork and beef.)

    Now as for where to get pork SKIN braciole, I have no idea, but I think Corrado's would be your best bet to ask.

    1. Best bet......Corrado's in Clifton always sells the pork skins,...and like tripe, it can make a mundane tomato sauce into something special.....a good sauce, into something great !!....
      blanch the skins in boiling water for about 5 minutes, cool,...then lay flat and fill with your favorites, such as mozzarella, pine nuts, grated cheese, parsley, etc......roll and tie, then slip them in your sauce for a coupla' hours........... you'll love them if you love pork skins

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        ALSO.....I found pork skins at an A & P in Clark.....they have them regularly

      2. theres now an A&S pork store in stirling. they are from brooklyn and have been around since the 50's. they have amazing stuff

        1. La Pastaria in Summit has it on their specials menu sometimes. You can call them and ask.

          1. If you're looking to make your own and just need the pork skins, almost every supermarket meat department has it available in their order books. The meat manager will not order this item because it doesn't sell and he will wind up throwing most of it out. The number one responsibility of the meat manager is to make money. Larger stores have a better chance of selling this item. Your best bet is to go to a busy supermarket close to you and ask the meat manager to order pork skins for you.