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Jan 3, 2011 12:00 PM

Boiled Peanuts

Does anyone know of a restaurant in DC or NoVa that serves boiled peanuts? I've been craving them lately but can't find them around here. Thank you?

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  1. Southern style? I don't know of anywhere. Some of the Sichuan places have a dish by this name though I've yet to try it.

    1. The one Harris Teeter grocery store I visited had them canned. I'm not sure if this is an item all their stores stock. Might be worth a phone call.

      1. There is a Vendor at the Dupont Farmers Market on Sundays that has them - It's the Vegetable stand that also sells all the Dips - On mass Ave at the very SW corner of the market...

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          Yes, these are delicious. They don't have them every week, so you might want to check before trekking over there.

        2. You can do them yourselves without too much trouble. Just get yourself a bunch of raw peanuts, add a ton of salt, then add more salt. Boil gently for several hours, until done to your specifications. Nothing like 'em straight off your own stove. (They're good cold, too.)

          1. Sunnyside Orchard has boiled peanuts. They are at the Fall Church Farmer's market year round. They had some this morning. Alas though I got there too late to snag Brussels Sprouts :-(

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                oooh, good to know! i wonder where they got their green peanuts this time of year? maybe they've frozen them..... i'll check that out.