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Jan 3, 2011 11:52 AM


Why does it seem that NO Mexican restaurants in the Chicagoland area offer "Carnitas" on their menus???
When I travel to other parts of the country, most seem to have this staple on their menu.
There is nothing as good as a crispy, yet juicy and tender chunk of roasted pork!!



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  1. You haven't been looking very hard. :)

    In general, you'll have a better chance at finding carnitas at taquerias, more so than the nicer Mexican restaurants. There are taquerias all over town, with concentrations in Mexican-American neighborhoods like Pilsen. And try the Maxwell Street Market on Sundays!

    XOCO is Rick Bayless's take on Mexican street food, and you'll always find them on the menu there. You can often find them at Frontera Grill next door; this week's dinner menu there has enchiladas de carnitas, available in appetizer (small plate) and entree portions.

    1. Roasted pork?
      It's pork braised in lard, and most taquerias have it on offer. Many of the mid tier restaurants too. If you really want to get "authentic" (whatever that means,) go to one of the carnitas joints that proudly specializes in it.

      1. You should note that there are three types of carnitas de puerco depending on what part of Mexico, Texas, or California the cook is from. The first is cooked like chicharones (pork rinds) where it is dropped in hot fat and fried. The second is cooked on a rotisserie. and the third and my favorite is cooked on a disco (a disk like metal frisbee thing that was originally used to plow behind modern tractors but is taken and welded and used in the fashion of a wok) they are all very different though all incredibly good.

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          Where in Chicago can I try types 2 and 3?