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Jan 3, 2011 11:05 AM

HomeMade Pizza Co., Larchmont & Rye

I saw a story about this new Pizza place, Homemade Pizza Co., where you can have a myriad of fresh pies made up to take home, heat in an oven at 425 degrees for about 12 to 15 minutes and serve. As a frequent order out and take home a hot pizza on Sundays, I thought I would give Homemade a try. Being a bit skeptical, I ordered safe, nothing bizarre, so I ordered a large sausage and mushroom. Wow, it was good, great pie crust and much flavor. I know this was the first attempt and it’s just one pie but I have to try this place again and perhaps get a bit more adventurous with toppings. They also seem to have great salads. I tried their Caesar and thought it was quite good.

The pies are easy to cook. You just leave it on the parchment paper that comes with it, put it on the middle oven rack for 12 to 15 minutes and then you can slide it with the parchment paper back onto the cardboard support that comes with it or as I did, a pizza tray. Since you have to cut it at that point, I would recommend getting a pizza cutting wheel. I would also get a pie server since it has a nice cutting edge. Before I tried Homemade, I ordered the Oxo Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel and the Oxo Steel Pie Server from Amazon. That made the distribution rather easy.

The do seem to overestimate the number of people that can be served with each pie size but if you are going to have a salad and pie, their large, (14 inch), feeds two not the three to four they say. Since Homemade has opened in Larchmont and Rye, I wondered whether any Chowhounders in this area had experience with other combinations and cooking outcomes.

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  1. It is funny that you posted this today. I have never been, but over this past weekend I was talking to a good friend who lives in Chicago (where Homemade Pizza originated and has several locations) and my friend was raving about how good this place is. She said that she really liked the salads as well (particularly the pear and blue cheese, though not my favorite combo). When I looked it up and saw that they had one in Larchmont, I put it on my list of places to try in the near future.

    1. I also was pleasantly surprised by the taste and ease of the pizzas. We enjoyed it. The salads were quite good,too. Only problem for them I can see is the parking in Rye, which especially near them, is horrendous. Not at all conducive for "running in" to pick up something quick and easy.

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        I think parking may be a bit better in Larchmont since there is a lot nearby if the street fills. However, they will deliver after 4 PM and with the pizza uncooked you can order when you like and stuff it in the fridge for a few hours.

        1. re: Sonnyno

          Is it (the pizza & salad) really worth giving your money to this chicago chain over a locally-owned resto? I don't want to start a political discussion but is it really tasty or just ok?

          1. re: cubanat

            I definitely hear where you are coming Cubanat, and I do agree. I went in on a lark ( b/c I found a parking space) and tried it out. I like the various local pizza places near, and they deliver. What I thought would be an advantage to them is that you can heat and eat when you are ready, vs having to go pick up, or wait for delivery. It was fast and easy and on our time frame. That said, it will in no way replace our patronage of our fave pizza places, but there wasn't anything wrong with it at all.

            1. re: MRS

              I hear ya! I have been meaning to stop in but like you said purchase street is a horror most of the time. I just though that if it was like bacon stuffed crust with lardons and egg yolks I would give it a try. The take & bake aspect is neat but I bet if we ever asked villa rustica to par-bake or box up an unbaked pie they would...

              1. re: cubanat

                Agreed. I would guess it would be an odd request, but most people's fave places would put together an un-baked for them. Good idea, actually...

          2. re: Sonnyno

            Do they deliver just in larchmont?

            1. re: pelgirl

              Both Larchmont and Rye deliver. They say that they deliver to an extended area around those sights so you might want to check the limits.

        2. This sounds great, I think I will try it.