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Jan 3, 2011 10:30 AM

Kosher in Delray Beach, FL

Anyone have any restaurant recommendations for Delray Beach and, I guess, Boca. I'll be there next week. I'm also curious which places are bad to bring our baby to (she's not going to make noise, but just in case, don't want to ruin anyone else's meal). Is Eilat still open? Most posts on here were a few years old and they don't have a website.


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  1. Eilat is gone. The closest thing in Boca is European cafe off of Camino Real and Powerline, right across the parking lot is ASIA - a meat japanese/chinese place. A few blocks down is Jon's Pizza where you can definitely bring a baby. Both European and Asia have outdoor areas so if you feel your baby will make a lot of noise you can always go outside. Other than that there is grill time on Glades in Boca which is good and a few doors down is the gelato shop which also serves dinner.

    1. I would highly reccomend European Corner Cafe. One of the best dairy places in the country.
      They have an amazing Sunday brunch that includes a large variety of breakfast and lunch items all you can eat and a mimosa! Eilat is closed but European Corner is 10 times better than Eilat ever was.
      For fleishig your best bet is Grill Time which has great lunch specials if you go before 4:30. A little pricey for dinner.
      A very baby friendly place would be both Jons Pizza and Boca Pita Express which is fast food.
      I'm pretty sure that there are no kosher places in Delray.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. Now, how about places to buy meat. Some of the previous posts mentioned supermarkets. Which ones are better?


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          Kosher marketplace in Boca is where I get mine when I go. They have a ton of packaged meals also.

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            How about regular supermarkets that have kosher meat? Preferably in the Delray area. If I'm going to Boca, I'll go to Kosher marketplace, but if I don't have to, I won't.


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              There used to be an Albertson's on Linton and Military, not sure if it's still there. Also, Costco in Boca has Kosher stuff

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                for kosher supermarkets in Delray Beach, you may want to check Glick's on Atlantic Avenue. I know the hashgacha is a conservative rabbi, but I was told that the meat is packaged and sealed, so it may fit your immediate needs and avoid the schlep to Boca. Sorry but I was never there so I cannot give you more information about it.

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                  Same owners as kosher market in Boca, but not Glatt - although I would think the meats were the same.

          2. You might also check out for a listing of the restaurants and establishments in the area - some of the reviews might be out of dat but it will give you an idea of what is there -

            1. Ben's Deli in Delrey. There is a kosher supermarket in Delrey called Glicks.

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                Technically, Ben's is located in Boca Raton