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Jan 3, 2011 10:19 AM

My new favorite Thai restaurant in Houston

is Nara Thai Dining,, but its in Humble not Houston! Located at 18455 West Lake Houston Pkwy in the Colonnades Shopping Center,, the food, service and affordable pricing makes this terrific restaurant a gem! My 4-5th visit was last night,, the Pad Kee Mao noodle dish with veg, thai basil and tofu was so fresh and tasty.. The Larb, minced chicken,, spicy and tangy on fresh lettuce made these roll-ups irresistable.. Every dish i've tried has been a "hit".. As it turns out,, I also found my favorite Greek restaurant in Houston as well,,, and its located just up the road from Nara,, in Humble! More on that later.. Though seating is a little stiff at Nara, the waitstaff are very accommadting and attentive.. If you love Thai food,, you'll love Nara!

Nara Thai Dining
18455 W Lake Houston Pkwy, Humble, TX 77346

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more about Nara Thai. I discovered it a couple of years back. I'm a transplant from Montrose and lamented the lack of good restaurants in the Humble/Atascocita area. The food here is delicious. I normally get the Pad Kra Pow, Thai spicy. Yum. Also their Lemongrass soup aka Tom Yum is great. I got it Thai spicy once and I renamed it the Lava Soup. Extremely hot. By all means, I recommend this restaurant. As of yet, I've never had a bad meal there.

    Thanks for focusing on it.