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Jan 3, 2011 10:09 AM

Mario Batali's recipe for bolognese sauce

To make a long story short, I have always loved Mario's restaurants but not the man himself so much. I have two of his cookbooks but for some reason have never really cooked from them (maybe it was psychological).

For Christmas, as part of a gift from my nieces, we received a lovely package of dried pappardelle. This past Saturday I decided to make a bolognese sauce to go with the pasta. I thumbed through a few cookbooks and finally settled on Molto Mario. This sauce was one of the best I have ever had...and I've eaten my fair share of bolognese sauces, even in Bologna. It was velvety smooth in texture, rich in taste and had just the right touch of tomato, but was in no way tomato based.

I also made a broccoli and parmigiano reggiano recipe from Molto Gusto, his latest book, a few weeks ago and it was incredibly easy but so tasty. Needless to say, I have made a New Year's resolution to cook more from my Mario cookbooks! :)

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  1. To make a long story short, I have always loved Mario's restaurants but not the man himself so much.

    Mu sentiments exactly. .......t, did you grind the Pancetta?

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      "did you grind the Pancetta?"

      lol The recipe calls for 4 oz. of pancetta passed through a food grinder. I do not have one so I just ran it through my food processor.

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        The first time I took notice of this recipe was on his old show "Mario Eats Italy" with his sidekick *Rooney*, which incidentally, I thought was his best show to date. Going back a decade to the show, he actually had two recipes for Bolognese.....one with ground Pancetta and one with minced Pancetta.




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          I was thinking of just mincing it, but went with the food processor instead. Maybe next time I
          ll save myself the trouble and just mince it.

          And I agree, "Mario Eats Italy" was his best show.