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Jan 3, 2011 08:48 AM

Question on Le Comptoir Vin et Charcuterie

I've never been, but it is on my list of places to try. I'm wondering if it would be too small for a groupe of 8 (assuming of course reservations in advance)? We will be celebrating a few birthdays soon. I also heard it can get pretty loud, which shouldn't be a problem for this occasion, unless it is exceptionnaly loud.

Another tought was to try out Lawrence, which again might be too small and will require reservation. But if anything, I feel Lawrence may be too quiet, for a group of 8 but I've never been for dinner.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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  1. Comptoir : 8 would not be an issue; I've seen groups there; better call and reserve. about the noise, yep it can get loud, but this is difficult to say if it can be too loud for you or not.

    Lawrence : don't know, haven't been there yet

    1. A reservation is an absolute must for a group of 8. We needed to reserve to get a table for 2. (If you accept to sit at the bar, reservation is maybe not necessary). Yes it is very noisy - the vibe is very young and exuberant. Despite that, we (olders) will return again because the food is fabulous, the wine list is excellent and fairly priced and the service is A1.

      1. The place is small. I didn't find the place noisy/loud when i went but i'm guessing if it is loud it will be because of you :) food is great; we sat at the bar and had a great meal though with all the talk about the place i thought it would be a bit more cozy. Still fun and well placed for post-supper drinks elsewhere. a good choice.

        1. Both should be able to seat you. Le Comptoir has some big tables and Lawrence has a big family table in the back close to the window. If you're a group of 8 for a b-day party, you will likely be responsible for a good part of the loudness, so I don't think le Comptoir will be too loud. Lawrence is just different in vibe, so it depends what you're after.
          But definitively reservations are required for both.

          1. Thanks for all the responses. Looks like I'll try le Comptoir first (looks more ''fun'' for a b-day party. Too loud would be if i can't hear what other at the tables are saying without them screaming, anything less would be ok), but keep Lawrence as a backup.