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Jan 3, 2011 08:35 AM

Food/Shopping to haul back on the plane!

Greetings. I am coming to NYC for a couple days at the end of the week. Been a few years since my last visit. My question for those of you privledged to live in the greatest city on earth (IMO) - if you no longer lived there - what food/items would you haul back with you on the plane? Obviously - they have to be somewhat non-perishable for travel. I'll have my cooler bag and I pack agressively. I haul wine from all over the place in my bag as well as other items.

For instance - when I travel to SF - I always get cheese from Cowgirl Creamery (Mt. Tam for those that care), Chocolate from Recchiuti (Ginger Heart Squares are literally the best chocolate I've ever had and I don't care much for Chocolate). When I hit Philly I get Marinara from Tuluttos.

I already plan to hit Eately as Italy itself is our favorite international destination and the food scene in Denver (where I now live) is a bit lacking.

Thank you in advance for any advice. I'd love to someday form a list like this. When in this city - hit these places to eat and buy these items and haul them because you can only get them here....



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  1. Beef Jerky or Zhongzi/Joongs from Chinatown.

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      Never had it but sounds great. Can you describe it?

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          Some of the best Pastrami I've ever had. Do they package this for hauling?

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            Unfortunately they don't vac pac anymore but I haul a a big unsliced cold chunk (which they will sell you) every year to Europe. I wrap it in foil., then plastic, then double bag in freezer bags....never had a problem.

        2. A chocolate babka from the place in the Seinfeld episode

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            Along with that, a marble rye and black & white cookies (ebony & ivory)...

          2. Hard-to-find spices & seasonings from the superb Kalustyan's, one of the best food stores in the city. Filled with all manner of exotic ingredients, super nice help, located in "Little India."


            123 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

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