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Jan 3, 2011 07:52 AM

Great dinner at Luke last night

Finally made it to John Besh's new offering last night.
Pulled up in front, greated by the GM who advised me to park around the corner at Embassy Suites.
Was seated downstairs with a view of the riverwalk, they weren't serving upstairs, but I took a look.
Upstairs has a cool view of the glass walled kitchen.
Service was attentive and quick.
The menu is very similar to that posted online for the New Orleans location.
Started with: flamenk├╝che: thin Alsacien onion tarte with bacon, caraway and Emmenthaler cheese. This was amazing, almost like a thin crust pizza with Benton bacon and carmelized onions. Also had fried Quail, perfectly cooked.
For mains we had the Shrimp "En Cocotte", which is basically shrimp and grits with andouille sausage. Fairly small portion, presented in a cast iron pot, amazing flavor.
Also had Jaegershnitzel, two large pieces of perfectly fried veal cutlets with a mushroom sauce served over Spaetzle. Also very delicious, the spaetzle were very light and the veal very tender
For dessert had amazing bread pudding and a chocolate dish with brandied cherries and chantilly cream. Nice selection of beer including Belgian and German as well as local offering.
Will definitely be going back. .

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  1. Thanks Saeyedoc, I love Besh's restaurants. Great to hear a good report on SA. Good luck.

    1. I did lunch on saturday with a group.

      Bread that they put on the table is totally forgettable., but kudos for providing softened, near room temp butter for it.
      Very solid pate. toasts served with it were too oily, but still tasty.
      We all agreed our soups were too salty. The crab bisque was very good, and had no need for the extra salt. Crab was plentiful and plump. the bisque base seemed to be made with some roux, giving a fuller flavor.
      Cassoulet was also good. The sausage was well made, but nothing unique. Duck confit was darn near perfect. A cube of braised pork belly was good but seemed like it was just tossed on there (but who ever turns down chunks of pork fat?)

      I also ordered a sazerac, which turned out excellent. On the sweet side, but still within an acceptable range. If you appreciate this classic cocktail, they're doing a good job.

      Reports from others:
      Matzoh ball soup was reportedly too salty. Fries looked good, but ended up limp. Burger was unremarkable (moral, stick with what Besh does well) The most raves were from the BLT with the fried soft shell crab on it. I didn't even taste is and I have dreams just of the sign of it. I'll go back for it.

      service was attentive, though awkward

      Lunch prices are a good deal

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        Yes, that BLT is amazing. We went back for lunch last month and both had the BLT. I thought the fries were very good. Also had some broiled oysters which were amazing.

        1. re: saeyedoc

          I forgot to mention the dessert which was bread pudding, although it was mostly caramel sauce. Good, but nothing I'd crave. I'll have to get one of those BLTs for myself soon...

      2. Must be getting popular, just tried to get a reservation for Sat night, only 4:30 and 10pm available! Guess I'll have to start planning ahead.