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Jan 3, 2011 06:25 AM

Delaware Diners- Where do you want to go in 2011?

I have reservations to go to Amada this Sunday and am feeling very excited about this visit. I want to conquer one dreamy eatery a month and was curious where everyone has been contemplating.

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  1. Twelves Grill & Cafe in West Grove, PA. They have the best Crab Cake.

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    1. re: neww22DE

      That place has never impressed me though I've not been there recently

    2. There is a family-run Italian restaurant in Atlantic City that I have long wanted to try. It is called Chef Vola's. Here is a thread about it:
      I have never been to White House Subs in Atlantic City either and intend to make it there this year! I have observed the lines outside this place and am very intrigued.
      Also on my bucket list is another Italian restaurant called Vetri. This one is in Philadelphia. Here's their website:

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        Vetri is the real thing. Word is Batali sneaks in there occasionally. Its in the old space where Le Bec Fin started on Spruce St, so the building has a good mojo too.

      2. I'm hoping to catch up with more spots in Philly this year -- but would love to be wow'ed by a Wilmington restaurant. (To that end, Domaine Hudson is on my to-do list, although I'm a little wary as the menu seems somewhat limited when it comes to vegetarian choices.)

        Amada is one of my favorites -- just treated ourselves last week. Love the peach sangria-esque brandy drink -- be sure to test-drive that if it strikes your fancy! We have a reservation for Barbuzzo tomorrow evening -- have long been a fan of one of its sister restaurants (Lolita), and the menu and reviews look promising. Other Philly favorites for your list, if you haven't tried them yet: Kanella, Zahav, Horizon's, Distrito, and Osteria.

        177 Main St, Annapolis, MD 21401

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          Ohhhh spyturtle you are speaking my language, peach sangria brandy, yes please! I think that Barbuzzo is going to be my February destination. I have already lusted after all of the ideas you mentioned minus Horizon's. I'll have to look that up!

          And Sensuous, Vetri is a place that dreams are made. I have indulged myself on their tasting menu and havent regretted it yet!

          1. re: in bocca

            Horizon's often gets overlooked because it is vegan. Nevermind the fact that it's been invited to serve at the James Beard Foundation -- too many people thing veg'n food = limitations, when that couldn't be further from the truth. I've had a number of dishes there that I've never found elsewhere, and regardless of your political / ecological / whatever leanings on food, anyone seriously interested in creative cuisine owes it to themselves to have a meal there.

            I have gift cards for both Vetri and Amis -- just need to squirrel away some more pocket change so I can make my Vetri visit worthwhile. Amis reservations will hopefully be forthcoming in the next month or two :) . Happy eating to us all!!

            1. re: spyturtle008

              Amis was great! We ate at Barbuzzo last weekend and it was hit-or-miss. But do get the vegetable antipasti and the Budino dessert.

              1. re: bluehensfan

                Great to know -- thanks! I've read raves about the budino and had that on our 'must' list; read mixed things about the veggie plate but will be sure to get it now. (A lot of the dishes I've read not-so-great things about have been their pizzas and bone marrow, which I don't plan on ordering.) Kudos.

                1. re: spyturtle008

                  The veggie plate was actually one of the better things we tried. Enjoy! It's funny that most of the places people want to go are in Philly! Same old sad news for dining in Delaware in 2011 I guess!

            2. re: in bocca

              I want to dine and hang out around Rittenhouse Square this year also.

            I just found this and thought it was relevant here.

            1. Yes, most of the places I wanna go are in Philly with the exception of a few in DE. My list in no particular order is this:
              Le Virtu
              Juliannas Kitchen
              Kahl-Bee Korean BBQ
              Domaine Hudson

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              1. re: in bocca

                There are some great places on your list -- I have been to and enthusiastically recommend Osteria, Barbuzzo, Tria, Juliana's Kitchen, Zahav, and Kanella. The only spot on the list that I'd boot is Moro. I was very underwhelmed by the menu, food, and service -- which was sad, since I was very excited to find that they were walking distance from my house.