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Jan 3, 2011 06:21 AM

Foodie Destinations between DFW and Nashville?

I am taking a road trip to Nashville in a few weeks and was hoping for some foodie recommendations from you guys. Looks like I will be going through Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN. Any travel or food tips are appreciated.

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  1. I've done that drive a bunch of times. In Arkansas, I used to go to a catfish place that was excellent. Still looking for the name. In Memphis, you would be seriously missing out on your lifetime bbq experience if you never got a chopped pork sandwich at Payne's.

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      Definitely agree with the recommendations for Gus's, Cozy Corner, and Central BBQ in Memphis.

      1. re: tango7000

        Cozy Corner is the best! It's on N. Parkway. Sounds like I need to try Payne's. In Arkansas, there is a place called Craig's BBQ about 20 miles off of I-40. Take the Hazen exit and follow the signs to DeValls Bluff. It's on your right. It's basically a shack. Their sauce is my favorite anywhere ever, and definitely get the slaw on your pork sandwich.

    2. In Memphis, for dry ribs: Rendezvous. For wet ribs: Corky's

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        Negative. I'm a memphian and can promise you that both of those places are to be avoided unless youre only about atmosphere. Here are my recs: central bbq for
        great ribs (get the dry and grab some vinegar sauce from the sauce bar)and bbq nachos. Kozy corner has bbq game hen which is different but truly special. Payne's has an excellent bbq sandwich. Do NOT miss Gus's but skip the memphis location and go to the original just outside of shelby county in Mason. As far as fine dining goes, if you can try to go to Restaurant Iris, which is without question the best restaurant in Memphis and a quintessential dining experience for our city. In Littlerock I'd recommend ashleys at the capitol hotel as far as restaurants you wouldn't want to miss goes.

        1. re: dailybread8383

          Being a Memphian also, I'll agree with all of this except I would recommend BBQ Shop over Cozy Corner & Central. Being a road trip to Nashville, there probably wont be time for Iris, but definitely time to stop at some of our less upscale places. Like Au Fond, Lunchbox Eats, Trolley Stop, & Kwik Chek.

        2. re: twinwillow

          be advised that at Rendezvous you may have to wait 2+ hours

          1. re: kimrat

            And be disappointed if you are a discerning bbq enthusiast

            1. re: dailybread8383

              Yeah, Rendezvous was one of the most overrated restaurants I've ever been to.

        3. In Memphis, Gus' Fried Chicken.

          1. I did this trip recently, but unfortunately on Christmas day when nothing was open. However, I checked the Kentucky/Tennessee and Central South boards here on Chowhound beforehand--lots of recommendations from folks who've done the same route.

            1. A slight detour to McClard's Bar-B-Que in Hot Springs, AR is worth it IMNSHO. The pork is most excellent, and the house specialty, tamales, are certainly 'houndworthy.