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ZED"S New Restaurant in Tech Ridge

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We tried the new restaurant, Zed's, in Tech Ridge for lunch. We had the Tortilla soup which was a creamy, tasty soup. $5 per cup. Very small pcs of avocado and chicken with tortilla strips. Would probably order again. The caesar salad dressing had anchovies and shaved parmesan. Very good but $5 was high. Two ordered the fried Catfish. 2 large filets, but very salty and greasy. Small side of french fries, nothing special. $13 per platter 1 had the ribeye. Was very satisfied but very pricy ($35) for what he had. I had the chicken pot pie. It was probably the best that I have ever had. $11 for a very good portion of creamy sauce, fresh carrots and potatoes, with small pieces of chicken. Puff Pastry crusted the top. No big deal on desserts. Very beautiful setting and live music will start soon. Will go back for the chicken pot pie for sure but only when I feel like splurging.

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  1. Creamy tortilla soup? Odd.