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Jan 3, 2011 12:33 AM

Best Tasting Menu in NYC

I'm taking my brother out for a celebratory dinner. He's a carnivore, I'm a pescatarian. Where's the best place we can get both be happy with a tasting menu / chef's table in NYC? Cost is not a concern -- just taste and experience. Thoughts?

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  1. I don't think you can both be happy with the same tasting menu. Tasting menus generally require everyone to have the same dishes. So either you will have meat dishes you won't eat, or your brother will have to sacrifice meat for you. You're better off just ordering al a carte and finding dishes you will each enjoy separately.

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    1. re: avitrek

      I think your only option is Mike's Bistro, since he will also do a veggie tasting

      Does any other restaurant do a tasting menu?

      1. re: vallevin

        Mike's will do a vegetarian tasting menu.. I think Solo once offered a tasting menu, not sure if they still do.

        Husband and I are going to Mike's this week for a special occasion- we decided to try the tasting menu again. When I called, the hostess was kind of snippy. She asked me twice how we wanted our fish cooked, and twice I said we do not eat fish and the chef has accomodated us before. She put me on hold, came back to the phone, and said the chef will accomodate us this time and then asked me twice more if I had any other allergies.

        1. re: vallevin

          Solo does a great one -- and can accomm vegetarians/pescatarians.

          Mike's is definitely an option.

          Anything else out there?

          1. re: KosherVeg

            One of the best restaurant meals I've ever eaten was the tasting menu at Mosaica in NJ when Moshe Wendel was the chef there. He recently opened his own restaurant, Pardes, in Brooklyn, which my husband and I really loved the one time we ate there. There's no tasting menu listed on their menu or website, but you could try calling them several days in advance to see if they can accommodate you. The regular menu ( ) has a pretty good assortment of fish.

            1. re: GilaB

              I second the recc for Pardes. I ate traif for a number of years, and have been on the lookout for restaurants that are up to non-kosher standards. Pardes ROCKED. I could not believe the food was kosher- the depth of flavors, the perfect preparation reminded me of restaurants I used to go to once upon a time ago. Also, how do you know when a kosher restaurant is that good? Non-Jews were eating there on their own; it's become a real neighborhood hangout.

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        1. There is no question that Pardes is the place to go. The chef's/owner's real love is preparing fish and there is such a wide assortment of both fish and meat choices that both of you will be happy. He even prepares vegan tasting menus very often for Matisyahu who is a regular. I would just recommend that you give Moshe, the owner, a 24 hour heads up that this is what you would like to do and that the tasting menus will not be identical for both of you.

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            1. I vote for Mike's. He will work with you, does a great tasting menu and makes wonderful fish and meat. Everyone will be happy.

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              1. re: Tamar Genger

                Just a follow up: Mike's Bistro was AMAZING. He was great, the food was great, the staff was great. Pricey -- but all around SO WORTH IT.

                1. re: KosherVeg

                  Glad you enjoyed! Had the tasting menu at Mike's recently and also had a great experience. On a related note, I heard Solo is no longer doing a tasting menu. Can anyone confirm? Seems a shame, as we tried the tasting menu there last year and thought it was excellent and very innovative.

                  1. re: Como80

                    Not true. They did a tasting menu for a party of 7 last wednesday night (family of mine). And accommodated both veg and carnivores.