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Amazing Duck at Chez Henri

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I just had the most amazing duck dish at Chez Henri for dinner earlier tonight. It's sliced duck with a citrus pomegranate sauce, on top of spätzle and baby bok choy. I don't usually rave like this, but even just two days after suplerlative Peking Duck at Fuloon, this was a duck dish to remember. The duck itself was juicy, fatty, and flavorful; the sauce was much better than it sounds, and even the bok choy and the spätzle had this wonderful texture that paired so nicely. Several of our party ordered this dish, and we all cleaned our plates.

I usually think of Chez Henri as a competent and reliable if not particularly special neighborhood restaurant (particularly since it's in my neighborhood!), and that's how most of the rest of the meal was. But this dish (along with my mojito) was really something to savor. It's not on the regular menu, but was a New Years special on the board. I hope they keep this one; I'd call first before going if you're going specifically for it, but if you like duck, I'd try to get over there soon.

Chez Henri
1 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

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  1. This kind of post is what I love about chowhound.

    1. Nice tip, I love duck!

      They have always nailed the mojito at Henry's House.

      1. Bar menu or dining room? 'Cause if it's on the bar menu, they generally don't let you order it in the dining room, though I'm less certain the converse is true.


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          We had it in the dining room. Although our server told us about the special, it was also prominently featured on an enormous chalk board right next to the bar, so I wouldn't be surprised if you could have it at the bar as well. I believe that you're right that the famous Cubano, for example, can only be had at the bar, not in the dining room.

        2. I'm sad to say that I had a very mixed experience recently at Chez Henri. Perhaps being one of the last tables of the evening is an explanation though not an excuse. Started with a mussels app that was possibly the best I've had. The mussels were fresh, sweet, plump... perfectly cooked in an intoxicating coconut broth w/cilantro. It was excellent. We opted for a scallop special entree that still makes me both sad and angry when I think I didn't send it back. I'm not the send-it-back kind of person at all, but in retrospect, I absolutely should have. The scallops were cold, hard, brown gummy chews. Instead of sending them back, I choked them down and then later really choked when I saw that the price was $30. The other dish we ordered was the duck and I have to say it had all the potential to be the lovely dish you describe above but instead it was dry and chewy just like the scallops. I don't know what happened in the back.... but it made me really, really sad. I had been so excited about the menu but our entrees hurt so much that I'm not sure if/when I'll have the courage to try again. Sad story for me. Your experience is encouraging though.

          Chez Henri
          1 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

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          1. re: globalgourmand

            Call and tell them. Or write an old fashioned letter.