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Jan 2, 2011 11:11 PM

Fish Salad easy & delicious

Dear friends ,

My friend reduced eating meats and inclined to Fish and vegetables. I need some easy, delicious & low carb Fish Salad recipes. I am looking for Fish salads with greens and Veggies. Or only Fish salad; both are fine. No Prawn or Crab. My friend is on diet. Steamed Fish and vegetables are easier. Grilled is also ok.

Thanks in advance for your sharing .

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  1. My mother used to make a fish salad with the fish my father caught in Florida. She sauteed sliced onions and green/red peppers with garlic and olive oil and probably some other seasonings. After the vegetables were tender, she added fish fillets, covered the pan and let steam until the fish was done. Then the whole business was cooled and the fish flaked into the vegetable base - served as a salad. You could add some tomato wedges or chunks, and fresh herbs at the end. It was absolutely delicious and couldn't be easier.

    1. Hi susmita - here are some salmon ideas:-

      Boil very briefly some sugar snaps or mangetouts, small peas and asparagus and drain well. Sit a baked salmon fillet (or other fish) on top and sprinkle with fresh chives and mint, drizzle with a little lemon and EVOO. Simple, quick and delicious.

      Stir together some blanched green beans, halved cherry tomatoes and black olives, add a little fresh chopped basil and arrange over a few anchovy fillets. Put on a baking tray with a salmon fillet and bake at a high temp for about 10 mins.

      Mix together some cooked new potatoes, chargrilled red pepper pieces, capers and avocado slices; add a little balsamic and EVOO. Pile onto plates with some rocket or other leaves, sprinkle over some pine nuts and top with a grilled or baked salmon fillet.

      Hope these help!

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        Dear flashria,

        what is EVOO ?

        Thanks for your help.

      2. how about a Nicoise? Good canned tuna, drained of olive oil, with steamed and cooled green beans, boiled cold potatoes, some olives, hard boiled egg slices, a lemony vinaigrette?

        1. One of my favorite dishes is larb fish (especially with sticky rice). I have never made this particular recipe, but it looks good (and very healthy).