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Jan 2, 2011 10:20 PM

Madison Park Conservatory?

Has anyone been to Madison Park Conservatory? The restaurant's website leaves a little to be desired... would appreciate any tips re: hours, reservations, menus, and also any overall reviews. Thanks!

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  1. I had not heard of this place until recently, and my wife and I decided on a late dinner this weekend, eager to try something new and having failed (in perhaps our sixth attempt) to get a seat at Book Bindery.

    I don't get to Madison Park much lately, but I imagine the hipster-ish/visual arts aesthetic and menu slate offered by MPC is a welcome change from the staid offerings previously available to its well-heeled residents--it inhabits the space apparently occupied for years by an unremarkable Italian place. We started with two well-executed cocktails: the house take on the corpse reviver #2, swapping strega and cocchi americano for absinthe; and a bellini made with rhubarb and Asian long pepper puree. The dungeness crab deviled eggs were exactly as one might imagine, with a dollop of yolky filling and paprika, though satisfying if not innovative. The grilled asparagus salad with smoked trout and creme fraiche was very well done, and this was a suggestion from the waiter in lieu of the caesar-ish salad we initially asked about. We probably should have thought more about the tajarin with "summer truffles from Umbria", beause the truffle slices were dried, fried crisp or both--it's a bit early for fresh summer truffles. The pasta was richly dressed with oil and comptently cut, but did not reach the heights of Spinasse. The best dish by far was the braised oregon lamb tongue, with fat-wrapped crepinettes, the richness cut by the acid-astringent pairing of a spicy root-vegetable hash/slaw and arbequina olives. (MPC appears to be taking more than a few cues from Spinasse, which has offered an excellent rabbit meatball dish with parallel elements). The only dish that truly failed was the rhubarb tart, the crust of which was fork-resistant, had a dark brown color and had been over-proofed or baked too long after filling. The filling itself was overly *tart* and needed sugar. The service was competent, forthcoming, and the dude comped us for a couple glasses of wine just because there was a lull in delivery of courses that I actually did not mind at all.

    Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

    Book Bindery
    198 Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA 98109

    1. I was there about two weeks ago for my birthday. I very much enjoyed my cocktail. It was a sunny warm day and I had their take on a margarita. Food, it was good but nothing that leaves me racing to go back. We had the dungeness crab deviled eggs and they were pretty much as advertised and described in the review above. We split the green salad which was as good as a simple green salad can be. My friend had the mussel bisque and no one at the table cared for it. The mussels were smoked and it just gave the soup an off flavor. Our server noticed that the soup bowl was still full when she came to clear our starters and she removed it from our tab. Three people had the salmon special which they all enjoyed. I had the braised octopus on homemade pasta. The pasta was very good, nice bite to it. I would have added more of a sauce to the dish. The desserts were just ok. It was my birthday so I was hoping for something really good. We had the cookie plate, tiramisu and carrot cake. Carrot cake was the best of the bunch. I'd go back, sit up top and have a drink or two but not sure I'd go back for dinner.

      1. We were here about two weeks ago and it was fantastic.

        A good mix of creative dishes and more conventional fare.

        We started with some oysters, which were delightful in the fantastic mignonette . Then we had the Ceasar salad, which was excellently prepared and the octopus bruschetta. The bruschetta was the highlight of our small plates: tender and flavorful.

        For our entree, my wife and I shared a Kind salmon dish that was superb.

        We did not stay for desert, but I was very impressed by their wine list. A great selection of french wines at fairly reasonable prices. We had a bottle of Chablis that paired well with our entire meal.

        I would definitely go back again. In fact, I think I will tonight.

        Ceasars Restaurant
        3621 Wheaton Way, Bremerton, WA 98310

        1. My partner took me here as a surprise for my birthday - great choice as it wasn't something on my radar but it was a wonderful evening. We arrived around 6:15 and the place was pretty empty downstairs (no idea if upstairs was busy or not - saw food going up later in the evening so...) - it was a tuesday so not the busiest night.

          We started with Willie Greens' Lettuces Fines Herbes, Parmigiano & Lemon - we had talked to the waitress about our choices and she suggested as our other courses were relatively rich and this was the lighter of the two salads. We enjoyed - it was quite lemony as someone else mentioned, but I thought well done.

          For a second course (we shared everything) we split the Tagliarini (does one say Home Made when it's a restaurant - maybe House Made would be better) with Oregon Natural Beef Bolognese, Pecorino Tuada. Wonderful. Interesting spicing, very rich.

          For entrees, we split the following: Emmer with Pears, Pancetta, Dinah's cheese & walnuts. A Yelp review had said their presentation of Emmer was so good he was temped to give up meat. Obviously this was not a veggie version but it was indeed wonderful and they offered to make it veggie if wanted.
          The other entree was Braised Veal Cheeks with Carmelized Quince and Nigella Flatbread. And yes, it was another rich luscious entree.

          All in all, we were very happy. Prices not outrageous - for the above plus one glass Processeco and one glass French Syrah was about $100 before tip.

          The room had mostly filled up by the time we left - seemed like neighborhood mostly, some with kids who were well behaved and treated well. Service was great, very helpful friendly waitress who know what she was talking about. Can't wait to go back.