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Jan 2, 2011 08:45 PM

Vegetarian suggestions for San Sebastian, Gigon & Santiago de Compostela

Visiting with my vegetarian Domestic Partner. (I will eat anything.) Where can we go and both be happy? He is not happy with no menu options even if the chef will prepare something "special" for him. We are also budget conscious. Help!

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  1. In Gijón head to a huge cafe called Twist, at Calle San Bernardo 18 (near Plaza del Ayuntamiento). They serve a vegetarian lunch (menú del día) in a downstairs dining room. Twist is not only vegetarian, they also offer wine and tapas at the bar and sidewalk tables. Also, try the 'pimientos de Padrón' (small green peppers) at El Globo (Calle San Bernardo 13), 'patatas bravas' (potatoes with spicy tomato sauce) at La Mejillonera (Calle Asturias 11) and look for 'pisto' (ratatouille) or 'tortilla' (Spanish omelet) in some tapas bars located in between Plaza de Italia and Calle Cervantes. Don't forget the hot chocolate con churros (fried dough) at Chocolatería Valor (Calle Corrida 21).

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      Thanks. These sound like just the thing.