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Jan 2, 2011 08:33 PM

Cape Coral for Three Months

We will be living in Cape Coral for three months. I've read many of the posts here already - but many are old (2009) and I know enough to realize that in the restaurant industry, that's ancient history.

We tend to prefer ethnic foods. However, suggestions for good wings, prime rib, etc. if it's a good value are very welcome. Inexpensive over fancy atmosphere. good service is nice, but taste and quality of food matters more, as long as the service is adequate.

Restaurants with reasonable markups on wine (2X to 2.5X the retail price) get extra points. And happy hour deals are always an ideal solution for us.

I'd rather get suggestions for Cape Coral than Ft. Myers as we prefer not to drive too much after dinner. (No drinking and driving, thank you.)

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll return the favor on the Phoenix Board.

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  1. Hi jkgourmet; I live in Cape Coral and can give you a couple of recommendations.

    On Pine Island Road, you will find all the chain places needed: Panera Bread, Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday, Five Guys Burgers, Mel's Diner; Bob Evans, Caraba's, Bonefish Grill, etc BUT...

    for the unchained eating, "Twisted Lemon" on Pine Island Road is a good b'fast/lunch place, owned by a family who is fully committed to fresh & home-made. Many dishes can be made if not on the menu.

    On P.I. Road, west toward Pine Island, there is a roadhouse-style restaurant, "Bubba's Bar & Grill", which serves great steaks, ribs and chicken. The atmosphere is very rustic with peanut shells on the floor and an open grill behind glass. Live entertainment in the bar.

    On Del Prado Blvd, there is a very good Chinese Buffet (Asia Buffet) with super fresh sushi/mongolian grill and friendly service. Every meal I have ever had there is fresh and delicious. They have a large beer/wine menu, and during the holidays, it was 2/1. Don't know the daily deal.

    Of course, on Del Prado, there is a Hooter's, if this is your cup of tea. I don't like their wings but thousands of people in Florida think they are the tops (or maybe it's the TOPS)!!

    There's Sakura Japanese Steak House on Del Prado. I'm sorry I cannot give any review, but maybe someone else can.

    Perhaps someone can also give a review of some places in the south Cape.

    Enjoy your time here.

    Sakura Japanese Steak House
    3034 Del Prado Blvd S, Cape Coral, FL 33904

    1. First you must try Rincon Cubano
      958 Country Club Blvd # A, Cape Coral, FL 33990-3071
      Best Cuban this side of Havana, and pricesthat will make you come back again, and again, etc...
      The "twisted lemon" is a pale copy of , and , though how I wished it was s good.

      Rincon Cubano
      958 Country Club Blvd Unit A, Cape Coral, FL 33990