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Jan 2, 2011 07:44 PM

Need a recipe to make "HOMADE CHILI SAUCE"

These small round jars are kinda pricey and we like to eat a lot of it.
I'd also like to tweak it a little, such as making it hotter and less sweet.

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  1. Take either of these:,1715,...,1715,...

    Adjust either with the variety of chili pepper you prefer, based on Scoville Scale rating:

    Adjust the sugar to your liking .....

    1. I live in Missouri and have been trying to find this sauce. I remember it from my childhood and really want to try it again. Is there a way to purchase it online? Does anyone know the manufacturer? Any help would be appreciated!

        1. I think this is the product terlin was talking about: . For anyone who wants to modify the recipe, why don't you try to reverse engineer it from the ingredients list on the lable and deduce which components should be adjusted.

          1. Chili sauce as in Heinz that you top meatloaf with?

            What small round jars are you referring to?

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              Homade is the brand name - check the link that ChinoWayne posted.