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Jan 2, 2011 07:39 PM

Has anyone ever bought fish directly from a fisherman right after it's caught? If so, where??

When I lived in FL. we used to go to the docks and buy just caught fish right off the boat and I was wondering if there is anywhere to do that here, although I think there's rules around here that keep that from happening, but not sure... I remember also going deep sea fishing in MA, and no fish in stores or restaurants tastes quite like it.. Also, I have had excellent trout at Seawitch and Zalkeks, but have never had a trout caught at a river, put on a stick over the coals and have always had the fantasy to have that, althought I dont fish.. Does trout taste a lot different just caught?? And is there anyplace to buy it fresh from people fishing on the river.?. I read that North Shore has great trout rivers, but curious if they are good eating, or just for throwing back. Thanks!

Seawitch Restaurant
203 Newbury St, Peabody, MA 01960

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  1. Salt seafoood is very prealent Tuna, striiped bass bluefufish,,flounder.,cod, haddock.

    Trout is a a freshwater fish and I've raerely caught it here; try midstate and te fish shops there. Any trout you buy here will have been likely shipped in ,is not a premium product.

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      and most trout sold retail is farmed now.

    2. My son is a chef on Martha's Vineyard and buys striped bass from fisherman at the docks. He says they are fantastic. I hope to find out this summer.

      I grew up trout fishing in the Midwest but now live in NW and trout have always been great when fresh caught bu sometimes can have a muddy taste in the heat of summer. I always scale them & that helps as I like to eat the fried skin. We're kind of spoiled with fresh fish here.

      1. If you are familiar with Scituate Harbor, check out the docks behind the square, where the movie theater is. I have bought fish right off the boat on several occasions. They cut it, clean it, and wrap it in butcher's paper, and the price is a fraction of the cost of a fish store.
        Good luck.

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          I've heard of bit bough it there too. .no specifcs.
          it's against the law and you may be refused for a variety of reasons. Ithink it's MA Fish and Game that regulates andif they're on the dice. Your fine is minor if at all but it's a big bite to the fisherman.

          I've never bought cut,cleaned and wrapped..just whole fish.

          Bore you with the pics again..:) Marblehead too.

          Even if I catch my own tuna, I'm not licensed to sell..I don't know what the fine is and don't want to find out..:


          This was at Boston Harbor..