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Nov 20, 2005 03:47 PM

Israeli couscous

  • m

Anyone know restaurants or grocery stores serving Israeli couscous? a craving for experimenting with it, but haven't been able to find any for sale, so now just need to eat some

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  1. m
    Maria Los Nachos

    Whole Foods carries it in the prepared foods section (at least at the 3rd and Fairfax location). I like it, but have nothing to compare it to.

    1. Lucques serves it on occasion. Surfas carries it.

      1. I actually just bought some today. I have had good luck finding it in Armenian neighborhoods. Bought it today at the Vons on Los Feliz Blvd. at San Fernando. You can get packets of it much cheaper than if you go to a gourmet shop.

        That said, I've seen it at Surfa's and Say Cheese in Silverlake.

        1. Trader Joe's carries it.

          1. Give this place a try
            Elat Market, 8730 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035, (310) 659-7070 ...