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Jan 2, 2011 06:47 PM

old lyme,ct

Looking for a good restaurant, esp seafood for a Monday night in Old Lyme area. Thanks. Yogibear

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  1. Liv's in nearby Old Saybrook has great fish and a fantastic raw bar(six different oysters)and they are open on Mondays.

    1. Boom is a nice cozy spot in Old Lyme with fresh seafood and other choices. I don't think it's open on Mondays though but during the off-season they have half price entrees on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

      1. Liv's and Boom are what I would have recommended had not others beat me to it. Just to the east in East Lyme is the Flander's Fish Market. Not quite up to the level of the previous mentions, but it has a large local following and I've never had a bad meal there. It is also a fresh seafood shop.

        A little further afield (but more casual), Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale in Westbrook is even more famous for its fresh fish offerings and lobster rolls. And in winter you have a good shot at missing the long lines of summer shoregoers.

        Fish Tale Restaurant
        86 Boston Post Rd, Westbrook, CT 06498

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          Has anyone been to Boom lately? I can't find any recent reviews. Thanks.

        2. We tried to go yesterday (never been before) and couldn't find it even with a GPS.

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            Was it Boom you were trying to find? It does almost take a guide dog. Here is a link to their direction page which is the easiest way to go:
            You can also turn at the Marina sign on Rt. 1 which has Boom Restaurant on it and wander through the boatyards, but this is harder, and possibly confusing, since there is another almost identical Marina sign to the west which is on the other side of the river.