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Baby its cold outside!

Its is after the holidays, and it is cold--at least where I live. I like to make myself a cup of herbal or green tea when it is cold. I make Mr. Sueatmo hot cocoa all through the winter so he doesn't feel neglected. How do you warm yourself on a cold day or night? Do you like a specific comfort food when it is shivery cold outside?

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  1. We sit in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate or apple cider and sometimes popcorn. It has warmed up substantially today to -20C, so much nicer than it has been lately!

    1. nothing warms me up from the inside out quite like a generous nip of port or cognac...but since i rarely drink anymore, it's usually a nice hot cup of tea.

      1. I make a big pot of soup at the beginning of every week - mushroom barley, vegetable, split pea, tomato, cabbage, onion, whatever - and freeze it in small containers. When I'm feeling particularly cold I warm it up, add in some warm crusty bread or noodles or something, and nurse it 'til I feel completely warmed.

        1. Soup, soup, soup, soup, soup! Our household jokes about "Soup Season," but we all love it without reserve. It's a rare week this time of year that at least three soups haven't been concocted around here. It's not just the warm belly that comes from cozying up to a bowl of hot soup, but the wonderfully fragrant and steamy cooking process that warms us.

          1. I turn up the heat and eat ice cream.

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            1. I'm pretty warm-natured, but Barb likes a hot toddy on a cold evening. Put a squeeze of lemon, some honey, and a clove in a mug. Fill most of the way with boiling water and stir with a cinnamon stick. Top with a healthy shot of whiskey and stir again. It'll warm you right down to your toenails.

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                Bob's been known to do that with Thera-Flu!!!!!! We prefer brandy.

              2. Coffee with Williams and Sonoma hot chocolate mixed into it


                I love spicy foods--even just raw mushrooms dipped in Sriracha sauce or scrambled eggs with salsa and chilies mixed into it! All of those spicy foods make you sweet and quite toasty.

                OR breakfast for dinner is another good option.

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                  Yes! Pancakes! Unfortunately, I am eating low carb now. But the idea of pancakes and sausage for a winter's dinner is awesome.

                2. so many options! I like a nice stew, but pretty much anything that requires the dutch oven - chili, curry, casssoulet, etc.

                  And to drink, sweet tea, and occasionally mulled wine/cider