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Jan 2, 2011 05:12 PM

Road Trip Help (Delray Beach to Destin)

We are thinking of visiting with my parents in Delray, then driving up to Destin. I know it's an 8-9 hour drive - so I'm looking for recommendations for Chow-worthy stops where we can play with some great food along the way! Please help!

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  1. Bumping this up. Can no one help me? We are definitely driving from Delray to Destin and need to eat!

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    1. re: NancyH

      ummm... take the turnpike up to orlando, eat at Ravenous Pig or 4 Rivers BBQ or Amura Sushi (only the on Sand Lake) or Le Rouge Tapas (right by Amura) for lunch, then stop in Tally for dinner at Cypress.

      1. re: NancyH

        Hope I'm not too late to help. If you are passing through Jacksonville, then I would definitely not miss 13 Gypsies. It is a very small place, only seats about 20. Serves tapas that are to die for. Saw it on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, and tried it. Went back 3 times since. We live near Dlray beach, so its kinda far for us, but we always go when in Jacksonville. Closes between lunch and dinner, so timing is important. Enjoy!

      2. Ok - let's try this again. Looks like we'll be taking I-95 from Delray up to Jacksonville and then 10 across to Destin - any great eats along the way? What about dinner recs in the Jacksonville area?

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          I live in Destin with family in Delray. Do not recommend your route - takes too long. Recommend 95 to 75 to 10 and come across. Takes about 9 hours with minimal stops. If you leave in the morning, Orlando should be about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Recommend Seasons 52 for lunch. We go to the one on Sand Lake. You won't be hungry for dinner until you arrive in Destin and then you have numerous places for dinner. Some real fine dining to be had.

          1. re: winegal5246

            Thank you Winegal! We thought the other route might be more scenic, but I'll yield to someone who's been there and done that! Looking at Seasons52's web site, they appear to be a chain, but claim to be focused on local and in season food. Will the Florida locations have local fresh fish or seafood? That is what I crave when visiting Florida.

            1. re: NancyH

              Yes, you will definitely enjoy Seasons 52. They do have fresh fish along with other items for the non-fish lover. Their preparations are beautifully plated, always fresh and done perfectly. I highly recommend the flatbreads. Get one to share to start your meal. I've always had wonderful salads for lunch and their sandwiches/entrees, are quite tasty as well. You'll love the desserts. They come in pony glasses and are only $2.50 (I think). Just a little bite at the end of your meal. As a matter of fact, we will be in Orlando next Saturday evening and I wish we could go again but it is a little too far for us to go from where we are staying. Bummer!!!!

              1. re: winegal5246

                "You'll love the desserts. They come in pony glasses and are only $2.50 (I think). Just a little bite at the end of your meal."

                Watch out who you tell THIS to...
                It could really upset anyone over 89 pounds... ;-)

                I want this at the end of my meal!

            2. re: winegal5246

              do you know if there is a place to get blue crabs in Destin?

              1. re: drumline

                Drumline- the best blue crabs I've had near Destin are at Nick's, which just re-opened on 30A near Blue Mountain Beach, and they still have "Nick's in the Sticks", which is a bit further away on Highway 20 (across the bay from Destin) between the mid-bay bridge and 331 bridge (take the Mid Bay Bridge, go east on Hwy 20 to Basin Bayou).

                Not sure of anyplace to get them in Destin proper.

                1. re: NancyH

                  Thanks Nancy, will definately try Nicks. Going in the early part of May.

          2. Here is my trip report for the Delray Beach portion of the trip: Henry's was our best fish/seafood choice. What in the heck happened to Boston's?

            You can navigate on the blog to see where else we dined - our timing got messed up, so we had dinner in Tallahassee:

            Destin was wonderful, but too short. Cant wait to go back!