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Jan 2, 2011 05:09 PM

Make me a sandwich...

I am gluten free and recently bought cinnamon raisin bread. I'm happy to eat it toasted with butter, but I'm also interested in incorporating it into a sandwich.

Sweet or savory.

Other, non-sandwich uses welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Smoked bacon (cooked tender crisp but not too crisp) with sliced ripe avocado on toasted and buttered cinnamon raisin bread. A light spread of simple mayonnaise dressing is enough to finish it.

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    1. re: todao

      Crispy bacon, thinly sliced apple, smoked gouda, spicy mustard: toasted

      Turkey/chicken salad with toasted walnuts, shredded carrrot/cabbage: hot or cold

      Grilled pimento cheese with ham

    2. Non-sandwich use: Butter the bread up, cut into small squares, bake. Nice sweet croutons for a salad.

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      1. re: food_eater79

        Though I make my own croutons, I would have never thought if using this type of bread! Thanks!

      2. Cinnamon raisin bread makes for a great pb and j. Sweet on sweet.

        1. I like chicken salad with some greens on cinnamon raisin (crazy maybe but I like the sweet/salty thing...kinda like turkey and cranberry sauce), or maybe shredded chicken, some apple and some brie.

          1. +1 for maplesugar's suggestions.

            - PB or almond butter & a drizzle of maple syrup or honey. hold the jelly.
            - french toast
            - grilled cheese - made with cream cheese (yes, cream cheese) and toasted walnuts
            - Monte Cristo - try it with pear in place of the apple too:
            - bread pudding
            - smoked turkey, avocado & sprouts. goat cheese optional.
            - turkey, apple, lettuce, mayo & walnuts (a turkey Waldorf sandwich!)

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              French Toast was the first thing that came to my mind. The second was toasted with cream cheese!